Shiv Shakti (Colors) 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Narayan Saves Shani Dev from Devi Adi Shakti’s Punishment

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Shiv Shakti (Colors) 2nd April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with Shani dev challenging Devi Adishakti that he is not afraid of her and dares to punish him if she can. Diti tells asurs that gods are so selfish that they are ready to go against each other to show their superiority. Shukracharya says Narayan will change his track as per the situation, she shall wait and watch. Devi Adishakti warns Shani and is about to attack him when Narayan stops her and requests to let him handle this issue. He tells Shani that his intention is to put his vakra dristi on Shiv and asks him to lower his vakra dristi on Shiv to just 7.5 minutes to escape from Adi Shakti’s wrath. Shani arrogantly doesn’t agree.

Adi Shakti gets more angrily and raises her weapon to punish Shani. Shani agrees to reduce his vakra dristi on Shiv. Narayan requests Adi Shakti to calm down as Shiv’s boon will be called a lie if she punishes Shani. Mahadev returns with berries for Parvati. Narayan asks her to go and enjoy berries with Mahadev. Adi shakti leaves. Shani laughs arrogantly. Gods ask him to stop his arrogance or else they can’t save him from Adi Shakti’s wrath again. Shani says they should be worried for Shiv instead; in 7.5 minutes, he will prove that he is superior than Shiv.

Shiv and Adi Shakti enjoy quality time. Shiv is about to feed berries to Adi Shakti when Shani puts his vakra dristi on Shiv. Shiv stops and says he doesn’t have time to feed berries to her, so she should hurry up. Adi Shakti smiles and says she will hurry up. Shiv calms down. Shani asks Narayan to go and save Shiv. Narayan says Shani can’t harm Shiv. Shani says he is not afraid of either Shiv or Adi Shakti and nobody can harm him. Shukracharya tells Diti that he told her that Narayan can change the situation easily, he turned 7.5 years of vakradristi into 7.5 minutes.

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Diti tells Shani that asurs were deprived of amrith during samudra manthan and not allowed to attain immortality. Shani asks her to start praying Mahadev, he will make sure Mahadev gives them boon of immortality. All asurs start praying Mahadev. Mahadev hears that and says he needs to visit his devotees.

Precap: Narayan stops Shiv from giving a boon to to asurs of immortality. Shiv gets angry on him.