Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Poonam sees Purnima’s photo

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Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 2nd April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Raj drinks and says she isn’t my Purnima. She’s just Poonam. she’s not coming back. Poonam comes there. She says Mr. Raj? Raj shoves her and says you’re Ms. Poonam, not Purnima. Why do I keep mistaking it. I don’t know why. What do you want? Do you want to hurt me? This is all happening because of you. I couldn’t sleep for years with peace but now I can’t sleep at all. All because of you. Because it’s you, not her. Who are you? Tell me. Please tell me. she cries. Poonam says it’s me Pooona. He says just please leave. Why did you call me Purnima? She asks who is Purnima. Raj says just leave. She says you called me Purnima. He says go from here. He shoves her out of his room.

Poonam wonders who is Purnima and why no one talks about her. Why she have so much impact on Ra? She sees a photo in the corridor. It is of Raj and Shaina’s wedding photo. She says this mandap is different from the one I see in my dreams. She says I don’t understand anything. She says I should go to pick up Netra.

Netra opens her eyes in the hospital. She wakes up in panic and says where am I? The doctor says please rest. Everything is fine. He asks the nurse to give her an injection. Netra tries to run. Purnima asks the auto driver to drive fast. She says my sister’s train is gonna come. He says the train came 4 hours ago. She gets worried.

Netra tries to run. She says where am I? I don’t understand anything. Shaina follows Poonam in the car. She says I promised myself if you leave the house you won’t come back alive. Raj comes to his senses. He says what was I doing? What’s wrong with me? Kohu says to Raj Ms. Poonam isn’t home. Sumitra says she went to the station to pick up her sister. Her sister can’t see. Raj goes out.

Poonam looks for Netra at the station. She calls her number. Shaina follows Poonam. Netra hears Anna’s chain voice. She says they’re coming near me. She runs, and Netra falls. the goons run towards her. Raj picks Netra and asks are you okay? The goons run away after seeing him. Netra says thank you. Raja wonders if she’s Ms. Poonam’s sister. Raj asks are you Poonam’s sister? She says yes. Poonam looks for Netra in panic. She says please save my sister God. Where do I find her? She asks the man have you seen a girl? She is my sister. She can’t see. He says yes I saw her she said she would get off at the next station. Poonam says next station why? He says yes she went to Indore. Take the bus. Poonam says than you. Shaina pays the goon and says well done. Shaina calls someone adn says she’s coming to Indore. When she gets off, kill her. I don’t even wanna see her face. She says this is your last day here, Poonam.

Scene 3
Raj brings Netra home. He gives her water. He says sit here and relax. I will go find Poonam. She says thank you for saving my sister. Raj calls Poonam’s number but it’s off. Poonam is on the bus to Indore. Raj’s bike drives past it but he doesn’t see her. Poonam is worried about Netra. The woman next to her looks at her. She puts a blanket on her. It’s Radha, Purnima’s mother. Radha didn’t see Poonam’s face. She recalls when Purnima wrote her the last letter that Raj was looking for a home for her. She sent her Raj and Purnima’s picture. Radha asks is this girl with you? She says no. Radha pays for her ticket. Poonam is asleep. Radha drops the photo. She falls asleep as well.

The bus stops. Everyone is asked to get off. Poonam wakes up. She picks the picture. Poonam sees the photo. She says shocked. She says Raj adn me together? How is this possible? Is this me in the photo? She’s shocked. Poonam comes off the bus. She looks around for the woman. Poonam sees Radha. Radha’s hand burns with tea. She fights with the man and leaves.

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A guy is in the car. He follows Poonam. He says I came to pick you up. She says who are you? He says, Mr. Raj. She says but he didn’t know. raj said you came to pick your roster. Your sister is found. She’s at his place. Poonam is glad Netra is found. Poonam asks are who you? He says it’s me Shae. He can’t see hr face because of the lights. Lights go off. Shae is shocked. he says Purnima?

Scene 4
Ponam comes home. she tells Netra everything. Netra says does this girl look like you?Poonam says yes. I was shocked when I saw this photo. Everything is like me. Same to same. Shae says she is same to same. it’s Purnima. She is back. Raj says syas no. She’s poona. It’s just her face. There’s no connection between them. Netra says there must be some connection. You see Raj in your dreams. And this photo. Poonam says I’ve no connection. This girl is just my doppelganger. Her name is Purniam. My face reminds me of him. Netra says then why do you see him in dreams?Raj says she’s not Purnima. Poonam says I will find all my answers. I have to find Purnima first.

Shaina says I’ve to stop this Poonam.

Sccene 5
Poonam cooks. Shae says my heart believes this is Purnima bhabhi. Poonam gives him kheer. Shae recalls Purnima used to make the same kheer. He asks how good are you in math? She says I topped math in my state. Poonam brings Kohu’s vrkeafast but Shaina is already there. She makes Kohu eat her breakfast. Shaina says I will send your favorite food today in lunch. Shaina says Poonam, thank you very much. I was very distant from Kohu’s life. I want to give all my time to my family now. I will give my 100%. She says Kohu your bus is here. Poonam takes Kohu to herr bus.

Poonam comes to Raj with the photo. Raj gets angry. He asks how did you get it? She asks is this Purnima? She looks like me. Is that why you call me Purnima? You avod me and get mad at me. My face reminds you of her right? Her name is Purnima? Raj leaves. Poonam asks why no one talks about her in this house. Raj says shut up. She says please tell me. There must be some meaning. Raj says there is no meaning of everything. Stop looking for a connection between me and you. We’ve no connection. The leaf falls on Rajs’ hand. Poonam picks it.

Poonam says something big has happened with Raj. he’s very hurt. I feel like that girl betrayed him and left him. He’s heartbroken. That’s why he getsmad at me. I remind him of Purnima. I just look like her, I am not Purnima. Netra says but he doesn’t want your help. what can you do? Poonam says he needs help the most. Netra says why do you wanna help him? She says God wants me to. That’s why I see those dreams. God wants me to unite Raj with purnima. I will do that. I will bring them back together. Netra asks how will you do that? Poonam says i dont know. Shaina says Poonam I am going to temple. Get Kohu lunch when she comes back home. I will go to NGO on the way back to donate. Poonam says I don’t trust her at all. Shaina leaves a paper there. It’s Raj and Purnima’s photo. Poonam sees Purnima’s house address there. She says this is God’s sign. I will go there and find Purnima.

Episode ends

Update Credi to: Atiba