Shiv Shakti (Colors) 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Narayan Tricks Shankchurn

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Shiv Shakti (Colors) 12th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with Shiv applying medicine to Shankchurn’s injuries. He says one should fight with internal thoughts first as internal thoughts are the biggest enemy of a person and are more powerful than external enemies. He suggests Shankchurn to return to his faithful wife Tulsi. Narayan reaches Tulsi who is praying Narayan and turns into Shankchurn to spoil her pativrata vrat/fast. Shiv frees Nandi and Gan. Shankchurn stands up and accuses Mahadev of trying to make him a topic of joke like his son Kartikeya and challenges him for war giving him promise of his wife, son, Nandi Gan, etc.

Shiv refuses to fight. Shankchurn insists for a fight. Shiv says tathasthu and agrees to fight. Shankchurn creates a protective shield around him and says until he has his wife’s pativrat protective shield is protecting him, even Mahadev can’t harm him. Mahadev attacks him, but in vain. Shankchurn says he is immortal. Narayan thinks he has to put his shadow on Tulsi at any cost. He calls her and asks why is she going away from him. She says she can’t let any stranger man’s shadow on her to protect her pativrat. He says it’s only him here. She walks towards him and her shadow falls on him. Shanchurn’s protective shield gets weak. Shankchurn is shocked and creates his own protective cover.

Narad asks Parvati to start yagna for Shiv as Shankchurn’s wife prayers are protecting him. Parvati says she will protect her husband and starts havan. Tulsi performs Narayan’s aarti thinking Shankchurn returned after victory. Narayan takes her to a room. Diti says she is asur mata and has to save Shankchurn at any cost. She runs towards Tulsi to alert her. Tulsi hears her voice and tries to walk out of room. Narayan stops her and asks her to forget Diti and celebrate his victory. He plays holy with her and gets intimate. Shankchurn flies high in air. Mahadev also flies high and attacks Shankchurn. Shankchurn is shocked to see his barrier breaking and Mahadev’s attack hitting him.

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Precap: Mahadev kills Shankchurn. Tulsi rushes to him. Mahadev tells her that one has to bear the punishment for their sins. Tulsi says it’s Narayan’s trick and curses Narayan to turn into stone. Narayan turns into stone.