Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Monisha confronts RV and his family

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Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with RV’s Chachi insulting Poorvi and making her walk in the pretext of guest wanting to see her walking style. They smile when she walks. Monisha comes there. Deepika sees her and goes to her. She hugs her and says she is happy to see her. She asks her to come inside. Monisha asks if some function is going on? Deepika says no. Monisha says it doesn’t look like. She says she will go to introduce herself. Deepika runs to Harleen and asks her to do something. She says Monika has come without informing. Harleen says function is going outside. Deepika says Monika shall not know that Poorvi is RV’s wife. They go to stop her.

RV imagines Dadu asking him, not to misbehave with Poorvi, as when he first saw him, he was unaware that Poorvi was Khushi’s sister. RV asks did you think me as devta and tells that he didn’t do wrong with her till now. He then realizes that he is imagining. Dadu asks RV if he is worried about the past. He asks about Monisha. RV says he will tell her once her course completes. RV’s Chachi meets Monisha and acts as happy. She goes to Poorvi and asks her to sing any song. Poorvi tries to say that she doesn’t know song. Chachi asks her to sing anything and goes. Dadi and Yug see Monisha. Monisha hugs Dadi. Dadi asks how come you are here? Monisha says then where I will be. Poorvi begins singing the bhajan om Jai jagdish hare. Monisha asks who is she? Yug says he is my brother RV’s wife. Dadi gets tensed. Yug says she is my bhabhi, very beautiful and lovely, asks her to lift her veil and see. Poorvi ends bhajan. Monisha comes to her and lifts her veil to see her face. She gets angry and goes from there. Poorvi thinks who was she, who left muh dikhayi rasam incomplete. Yug looks surprised seeing his Mom going behind her.

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Monisha asks Harleen and Deepika, how can RV marry someone else, when I am his fiancée. Deepika says I am your sister and asks her to listen. Monisha says I was engaged to RV, everyone gave blessings and says you people cheated me. She asks Deepika if they sent her to do the course, so that they can betray her. Harleen says Monisha please. Monisha says our marriage was scheduled after 6 months, and I was sent to do three months course, to do this. She says you people didn’t think about me, specially RV. She asks where to go now, he has pulled the land from under my feet. Monisha says she will find her herself. She scolds the Servant as he stares her and goes. Poorvi asks the guest about her. The guest says she is Monisha. Other guest asks her to be careful as she is very dangerous.

RV is attending a call when he sees Monisha coming there. He ends the call. Monisha looks angrily. RV says how did you come here, as you was in London. Monisha says that’s why you married behind my back. RV asks what you are saying? Monisha says your wife is sitting for muh dikhayi ritual. She shows the ring and says when you are engaged to me, that how can you marry someone else. She says you know how much I love you then how can you marry any random girl. RV says she is not a normal girl. Monisha asks what is special about her. RV says she is Khushi’s younger sister. Monisha says why, Khushi betrayed you, then why did you marry her younger sister. RV says for revenge.

Precap: RV tells that he will hurt Poorvi to hurt Khushi. Monisha asks what? RV says he will take her to pagphera and then he will drop her there forever, and will not bring her home. Poorvi asks Monisha who is she? Monisha says your Sautan. Poorvi is shocked.