Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Siya begins her revenge with Raghav

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 9th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Viraj coming to Raghav’s house after Raghav and his mother leave and shows the box to Siya. Siya says whatever we want to do, can’t do wearing this, and takes off the fake baby bump. She says today is godh bharayi and Raghav is very happy. She says she has to break him slowly and all his dreams. Viraj takes off gloves from the box. Siya and Viraj wear it. Raghav comes home and finds the house messed up. Siya and Viraj had messed up with the house. Viraj puts blood on the floor while Siya wipes it with a mop, as it shall look like she is being injured and dragged. Raghav’s mother also comes there and gets shocked. Raghav asks her where did she go? She says Siya sent her to get something. He asks her to call the guards. She says everyone are unconscious outside. Raghav comes to the CCTV room and finds it is hacked just before the kidnapping. He thinks who has done this. Siya and Viraj are watching him, sitting in the latter’s house. Siya says when I was living with you, I used to die every moment and now you will go to jail for my murder. She says before that, I will snatch everything from you, your name, power, money and mind, about which you feel proud, just like you have snatched my happiness, papa and my baby. She says people take revenge and left, but I will take revenge again and again until you get broken fully and until I change everything.

Raghav calls the Police. He tells ACP Mrinalini that she has gone mad. Mrinalini says wherever you go anywhere in the world, and says husbands are same. She says the husbands cry bad when something happens to their wives, but they turn out to be guilty in the end. She says she understands husbands more than criminals, though she is not married. Raghav laughs and asks her to find Siya. Inspector says she gives order and don’t follow orders. She threatens to punish him politely. Siya calls Raghav using voice modulation App and talks as the kidnapper. Raghav hears the man’s voice. Siya asks him to meet somewhere if he wants his jaan and asks him not to tell ACP. Raghav doesn’t tell ACP and leave from there. Viraj tells Siya that Raghav has made many games, but can’t find what is happening with him. He talks in baby’s voice and says Siya Maasi…how well you have played the game, and says I love you Maasi. Siya smiles.

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Raghav comes to the place blindfolded. Siya in a man’s voice asks him to handcuff himself. Raghav asks what is the proof that Siya is with you. Siya says my game, my rules. Raghav says I am doing this for Siya. He handcuffs himself. Siya looks on. Viraj gives remote in Siya’s hand. Siya recalls Raghav torturing her and Rajendra’s death in an accident, which may be planned by Raghav. She gets tormented and says come on tiger. The Dogs attack Raghav. Viraj asks Siya if she is feeling pain seeing Raghav in pain, and asks her to remember what he has done with her. he says I already said that there is just check in and not check out. Siya says when a woman can fight for her husband’s life, then she can fight with her husband for her self respect. She says when wife can bear the hunger and pain to keep the fast for her husband’s long life, then she can give him pain for her family. She says when a wife is forced to become Durga then Durga will punish the devil. She says I will punish you before the law, for killing my family. Raghav is still attacked by the goons.

Precap: Viraj throws ball at Siya and asks her not to be happy. Siya says she can’t lose and asks him to stay with Raghav for their victory.