Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Tiwari And Anita’s Argument


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Tiwari is cleaning the road. A person shows up and throws banana peel on the road. Tiwari yells at him and says that why is he spoiling the colony? The person replies that he’s helping him to clean. He replies that everyone throws garbage on the road. Tiwari says that everyone puts a garbage can inside their houses. Just then, Anu shows up at the balcony and throws all the mess. Tiwari rudely talks to Anu. Anu tells him to watch his tone. Anu says that he’s not doing a favour, she will even pay him. Anu gets angry and leaves. Tiwari says that there’s been a some sort of misunderstanding. Anu comes back and throws bunch of coins at him, and says that it’s income.

Angoori is talking to Ammaji. Tiwari comes in after cleaning a gutter. Angoori says that it’s stinking and pinches her nose. Angoori tells him to go get a shower as soon as possible. Tiwari gets irritated. Tiwari says that Anu has also changed, she’s been throwing garbage out of her house all day and even threw money at him.

Anu has taken out most of the garbage out of her house, and everything is scattered in the balcony. Vibhu comes in and starts flirting with her. Anu tells him to stay away from him. Vibhu tells Anu that she looking abnormal whenever she acts like that. Anu gets up and says that she will jump off the balcony. Anu goes to balcony and threatens that she will jump. Vibhu goes to grab her, but instead he slips on a roller skate and falls off the balcony. Anu gets worried. Vibhu lands in Saxena’s arms. Saxena tells Anu not to worry because Vibhu’s safe in his arms. Saxena starts laughing. Angoori comes outside. Angoori tells Saxena that she wants to talk to Angoori personally. Saxena leaves. Angoori starts teasing Vibhu.

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Saxena goes to Tiwari’s house. Saxena gets shocked by the door bell. Tiwari opens the door. Saxena drags Tiwari outside. Saxena yells at Tiwari warns him to stop Angoori.

Tiwari slaps Saxena.

David is gambling in casino. He’s still winning against his opponent.

Angoori again goes Vibhu and starts teasing him. Vibhu gets nervous. She grabs Vibhu’s hand. Angoori asks the person selling vegetables to give tomato like Vibhu’s smooth and soft cheeks. Vibhu gets uncomfortable and leaves. Saxena watches them and gets furious. Saxena says that he will not let Tiwari get away with all this.

Angoori starts dancing for Vibhu, after some time Vibhu also starts dancing with her. Vibhu goes back to his home. Vibhu accidentally gets into Commissioner’s washroom, and his wife screams.

Vibhu is standing inside the police. Commissioner’s yells at Vibhu. Commissioner’s wife warns Commissioner that he have arrest Vibhu no matter what.

She leaves. Vibhu says that he didn’t saw anything in the washroom. Commissioner asks for proofs? Vibhu denies and says that he got something else. He shows him some pictures of Commissioner and he starts smiling.

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