Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 4th December 2023 Written Episode Update: DCP gets a shock as Raghav’s DNA matches

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 4th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Siya telling Raghav’s mother that DCP is not here and says he must be planning something. She says she wants to be here. A lady calls for help. Siya comes out of the ward to help her, thinking her to be pregnant. DCP comes there and signs the lady. The lady also signs him. Siya tries to help her get up. DCP tells Raghav’s mother that he will take DNA of Raghav to find out if Doctor operated the wrong number and to see if Siya is praying for the right person. Raghav’s mother says I will ask Siya. Inspector says we have come with the order, and shows the paper. DCP asks Nandini to take the sample. Nandini says I will help you until you follow the law and order. He promises to keep up the promise. Siya asks Lady to get up and says she will bring water. The lady says she don’t want water. DCP asks Nandini to hurry up and says if Siya comes here then she will do drama. Siya makes the lady gets up and the pillow falls down. Siya is shocked to see that the lady is not pregnant. She comes inside the ward running. DCP says we were taking care of your husband and took his DNA sample. He says once the report comes then it will be proved that he is not Raghav Jindal, and then the court will order to remove this Mummy’s bandage. Siya asks if you know what I will do if the report is positive. She says she will complaint against him and then case will be against him. He says lets see.

DCP is waiting outside as Nandini does the testing of the sample. Someone brings the report out. DCP checks the report and gets shocked to see the DNA matched, and says it is of Raghav Jindal. He thinks how is this possible? Siya opens the bandage of the person who is on the bed as Raghav. She asks if you are fine. Raghav’s sister is shown on the bed. She says Maa told me everything that how Raghav bhaiyya tortured you and Maa. She says he has done same thing with me also and says whatever you did is right. She asks what after the sample matches. Siya says then DCP will become mad and his ego will be hurt. She says wounded tigress and wounded person are dangerous. She says I will close Raghav’s murder case. DCP tells Nandini that the DNA is contaminated, and asks if she did any mistake. Nandini says this is your problem, you blame others for your mistakes. She says you are careless, and I can’t be careless. She says you was careless about our son. She says may be he is Raghav and you are wrong again. She asks if you have any other work than Raghav. Siya gives juice to Risha. Risha thanks her for saving her and says I would have died at the same place, if Viraj and you haven’t saved me.

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A fb is shown, Raghav’s mother tells that what will happen to her daughter now, and tells that Raghav had kept her captive. Siya tells her that she will bring Risha back. She comes to Raghav’s CCTV room and searches for Risha’s info. She finds her whereabouts and says she will save her. fb ends. Risha thanks Siya for fulfilling bhabhi’s duties when her own brother slammed their relation. Siya asks her not to call her Bhabhi and says their relation is of pain. She asks her to drink juice fast and says they have to bandage her again. DCP thinks Nandini can’t do mistake then how the DNA report came positive. Siya comes to him and asks if DNA report came. He asks who are you Siya? He says well played. Siya says I am not playing game with you and wants you to leave us alone. He says I can’t leave criminals alone. She says you can’t make innocent people as criminals. She says you will not get anything here and goes.

Dadi wakes up and is haunted by Raghav’s ghost or her imagination. She shouts Tushar and asks him to tie her with rope.

Viraj brings pancakes for Khushi. He asks why she is not happy and asks what does she want? Khushi says she needs Maasi also with Papa. Siya comes there and says it is smelling good. Khushi hugs her. Siya asks what Khushi’s papa made for her. He says pancakes. She says she doesn’t like it and likes waffles. Viraj asks her to smile and says he will make waffles for her. Siya says we shall change her name. Viraj says her name will be Mushi. Khushi Mushi….Khushi laughs. Siya asks Khushi not to be sad and says they will be with her always. She takes Viraj and Khushi’s photo. Khushi asks Siya to come and take selfie. Siya takes their selfie. Siya asks if it is fine now. Khushi asks Siya, if she will become her mother and says we will have a happy family. Viraj and Siya are shocked. Viraj says I told you that I….Khushi gives them 24 hours to think. Viraj asks if it is a joke and calls her. Khushi goes from there.

Precap: Siya and Viraj come to the hospital for their final act. DCP tells that she didn’t leave any option for him. Siya says time has come for next move. Dadi gets the threatening letter and reads it shockingly.