Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 4th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Vandu catches Vaibhav red-handed

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 4th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Pammi giving money to Vandu and asking her to leave Kunal. She insults Vandu. Vandu asks her to leave. She hears Vaibhav calling her out. Pammi asks what new drama did you do now. They go out and see Vaibhav playing dhol. Vaibhav and his family see Vandu. Vaibhav says its my wife’s marriage, wow Vandu, we have got famous now, because of you. Sarita says you are enjoying and we are suffering. Anjali says you have troubled us. Mrunal says my friends ask me about Vandu’s deeds, what shall I answer them. Sarita says I would have asked Vijay and Atya to answer me. Vaibhav scolds Vandu.

Vandu says I have no mood to answer, go from here now. He says you have done this drama, you have got Kunal with you, I stood here with baraat and you were doing work with Kunal, what work did you do, tell me. Sarita says if you had an affair with Kunal, then you would have told us, why did you marry Vaibhav, he will get divorce tag now. They all scold Vandu and comment badly. Vandu says shut up, I asked you all to go, just listen to me now, I m marrying Kunal, I have my reasons. She scolds Sarita and Vaibhav.

She says I have no affair, I have filed divorce, I will marry legally, and if my character is so bad, then why did you come to take me home, you know your intentions are bad. She asks Mrunal how can you do this. She says you and Vaibhav did cheap things to provoke me, I stayed quiet, so that my dad doesn’t feel hurt by my pain. She lectures Vaibhav.

She says your thinking is so bad that you need to think it. Sarita says then do it, I will tell everyone that you had an affair with your boss after marriage, so you are divorcing Vaibhav. Vandu says I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Vaibhav goes to raise hand. Vandu holds his hand and scolds him. Yoddha bangai mai…plays… She twists his hand. Everyone looks on.

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She says I will do what I want. Mrunal says I never thought you will stoop low for money. Vandu says go away before I slap you. Vaibhav says I won’t give you divorce. Vandu scolds him. She says I will take divorce, do anything you want, you can’t stop me. She leaves. Vaibhav gets Anagha’s message. He says see what I do now. He leaves with his family. Pammi looks on. He says once Kuldeep knows this, he won’t let Kunal marry Vandu. Atya tells everything to Vijay. He says they aren’t tired of making Vandu cry, I can’t tolerate this. She says you worry for her, don’t get angry on her, think of her heart, Kunal has thought of Tara and proposed Vandu but he is a nice guy. Vijay says we have seen what Vaibhav did, I can’t see her heart breaking again. Atya explains him.

He says Pammi scolded Vijay, I heard Kunal’s dad is egoistic, he misbehaved with you in the party, did you forget, no. She says we have seen everyone’s true colours, we are old now, Vandu will get alone when we pass away, Tara will be there for Vandu, she will become her support and strength, she will bring Kunal and Vandu together. Vijay thinks. Vaibhav thinks of Anagha’s message. He enters the house. The lights go off. He goes to attack Vijay. Vijay puts the torch on his face. He sees the pillows on the bed. Vandu, Vijay and Atya stare at Vaibhav. Vaibhav tries to run. Vandu catches him. She says you won’t go anywhere, you will get jailed. She drags him and scolds him. Mrunal, Hemant and Anagha come home. Mrunal stops Vandu. Vandu says Vaibhav tried to kill dad, he was making attacks on him, I had a doubt that someone wants to harm dad, so I was keeping an eye. She asks him who is involved with him. Anagha signs him not to say.

Vandu beats Vaibhav. She gets him arrested. She shows the cctv footage. Kuldeep gets angry and says I never forgive and forget. Vedika gets shagun for Vandu. Vijay says I don’t accept this alliance.