Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 3rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Raghav gets shocked with Siya’s change

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 3rd November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Siya telling Raghav that she has bear so much and will not bear anymore now. She says you have crossed all the limits. She says girls are taught always since their childhood that husband is a God, and she regarded him as God, but his love seems to be poison for her, and she will not drink it. She says what you have become while becoming world’s best wife. She says I became foolish while you try to make me best wife. She says I have come here to live with my husband, but here I was afraid and dying. She says she wants to live and asks him to live and let her live. Khushi comes there clapping and says she is proud of her. Raghav says she is Viraj Dobriyal’s daughter, what she is doing here. Siya says Khushi came here due to her evil dad. She says there is not just evil husband, but also evil dad. She says I am not her mother, but Maasi and will protect her. She says you made me go through the test to prove my loyalty, so now it is your turn to prove your love, and asks him to keep khushi safe for her khushi.

Viraj talks to the baby doll and tells that he played a double game and left. He says Siya will help me get closer to Khushi, but for that I have to save Siya from Raghav, and he will not let her go and I will not let her stay there. He says I will do what I want and says checkmate in the chess game. He says I have to make Raghav’s jaan go away from his life, to get my Jaan.

Raghav thinks of Siya’s words. He imagines Siya telling her that he has chosen this cage for her, but she has chosen freedom for herself and he can’t see her also. He says I didn’t want to cage you, just wanted you to be with me. He says why you have done this.

Siya says she was so afraid that her fear ended. Khushi inspires her to become fearless. Raghav’s mother tells that the reality is different. Khushi says I will come. Raghav thinks Siya is doing this due to her pregnancy mood swings, and thinks to do something to Khushi, and says she needs just their child and not Khushi. Khushi comes there and laughs. She says my evil dad talks to a doll and asks him to take monkey etc to talk, rather than talking to air. Raghav’s mother tells Siya that she is happy for her, but Raghav will not keep quiet. Siya tells that everytime husbands are wrong, but we blame ourselves and think we are wrong. She says when wife can give right to husband then can snatch it too. She says if Raghav can’t change even after the adjustment then I will change.

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Khushi says there my evil dad and here evil uncle. She laughs. Raghav says you will be afraid too. Khushi asks if I will be shattered. Raghav says this is my house, and my rules. He asks her to hide whenever he sees her. Khushi asks him to hide and tells that when she sees him, then she will surprise/shock him. He laughs.

Siya says Dadi and Tushar bear so much due to her, and says now she will not be afraid and will tell everything to eveyone. Later Raghav comes to Siya. Siya is holding his clothes in her hand. She says she is going to her house for the puja for her child. She says you don’t believe on God, but I believe. She says if you are not coming then I will go. Raghav takes kurta from her hand. Khushi says men will be men. Raghav calls Tyagi.

Siya apologizes to Dadi and Tushar. Dadi tells Siya that it is our mistake to teach that husband are like God. Siya’s parents are shocked and cry hearing the truth. Rajendra hugs Siya. Siya says I am fine and says Raghav’s truth and secrets are out. Tushar says Raghav is very dangerous. Siya says he was dangerous until I was afraid and now I have stopped getting afraid from him.

Precap: Viraj comes to Siya’s house and tells that he stayed separately from his daughter since 13 years, now he is desperate for his daughter. The goons threaten Khushi. Raghav tells Siya that she dont know his power and money and he can do anything. Siya says you can’t know a woman and dont know what she can do, and says an injured woman is more dangerous than an injured tigress.