Imlie 3rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Sonali Reaches Pallo’s House


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Imlie requests Agastya to attend pooja for family’s sake as family would be happy seeing him with them and even they need to show the family that they are happy together. Agastya agrees and holds her hand. Sonali reaches Pallo’s house. Pallo and Bulbul are shocked to see her. Sonali recalls their fake acting as rich. Imlie serves kulfi to family. Daadi gets emotional and says Kunal used to love kulfi, he would have been happy having kulfi made by bahu/DIL and would have blessed DIL. Agastya also gets emotional hearing Daadi’s words and walks inside the house teary eyed. Imlie stops him and offers him kulfi describing how good it is and better than ice cream. Agastya takes kulfi and walks away.

Imlie bumps on Sonali and apologizes her. She offers her kulfi and asks if it’s a long time since her father and brother left, even she lost her dear ones, why Agastya gets tear eyed whenever he hears about his lost ones. Sonali warns her to stop her drama and keep kulfi in a freezer and have it when Agastya loses family business to her. Agastya talks to his lawyer and asks him to finish transferring company shares in his name as soon as possible. Imlie walks to him telling how much Govind liked her prepared kulfi. Agastya asks her to stop overacting and trying to win his family’s heart and just concentrate on the work she is paid for and leave after her job is done, she is just a bar girl and nothing else. Imlie gets sad.

Sonali walks to Alka and tries to express her pain, but Alka asks her to stop being emotional and think of getting back business from Agastya. Imlie cries recalling Pallo’s atrocities towards her and Kairi in thier childhood, Agastya cries recalling Alka’s atrocities towards him in his childhood, Sonali cries recalling Amrit’s betrayal. Imlie falls asleep in the backyard. Ye Raat Bheegi Bheegi.. song.
Agastya walks to her with a shawl and drapes it over her. He says sorry. Imlie opens eyes and says she heard it, he should apologize properly. He says he didn’t. She says his ego stops him to apologize her. He asks her to get inside the house as it’s cold here. She refuses. He asks why is he apologizing his fake wife. He forcefully lifts her and takes her back to room. Their nok jhok continues. Imlie insists him to have a hair cut as he looks like a monkey and a long-haired girl. She then gets emotional thinking about Daadi’s pain missing the lost ones.

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Next morning, Daadi makes arrangements for pooja. She asks Imlie to get Maata’s chunri and other stuff. Agastya bumps on Agastya and is shocked to see him a hair cut. She says it’s good that he followed her advice and had a hair cut. Their nok jhok continues. Daadi calls Imlie. They both walk away smiling at each other. Amma performs pooja and asks Imlie to seek blessings from maata. Imlie says if she got such a good family and if she seeks more blessings, god will think she is selfish. Sonali passes by. Daadi asks her to offer flower to god. Imlie stops Sonali and asks her to submit another flower as god likes that one. Sonali warns her to be in her limits. Daadi scolds Sonali for not visiting her in-laws for pooja. Alka asks if this house belongs to only Imlie now and not Sonali.

Precap: Imlie sings bhajan during pooja.
Sonali brings Imlie’s poor family and exposes their truth to the family.