Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 25th November 2023 Written Episode Update: DCP Avinash interrogates Siya’s family

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 25th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Viraj telling everyone that everything was out of control, but now everything is in control. He asks Khushi not to worry and says your Papa is here, and nothing will happen to you and you all also. He says whatever happened is not good, if they have killed him then Raghav would have killed you and your Maasi. He says how I would have live without you. He says this is life, very unpredictable, you have to be ready for everything. He says you are learning this in this age, but such is life. He says it tickles you like a mischievous girl, or scares you like a mad person, or make you dance. He says you will learn something at the end of day. He tells everyone that they know what they shall answer. Siya says work is not done yet, and says difficult part is remaining still. She says now I will not hide to you all, and will just say truth, as it will scare us and it will give us strength, as we have to fight with our fear. Viraj says they have to do this, for their future. Siya says we will live the life, chosen by us. Viraj says we will make a start today itself. They hold each other’s hand. Siya says one last time….She says we were at home, when bell rang, we open the door and saw Raghav. Raghav threatened me, so I sent you all to the bedroom. She says then you got scared hearing me and Raghav, you thought to call Police, but your phones were in the hall. She says then gun shot happened, and the Police came. She says then I came and opened the door. Viraj says you have to say this in this sequence only and shall not add anything.

Siya says nobody shall be afraid. Viraj gets a call from his informer and tells Siya and others that Riya is moved from the case and more influential officer DCP Avinash Saxena is assigned this case and is coming here. Siya says so lets go. Viraj says if we go anywhere then DCP will be doubtful. Just then DCP comes there and rings the bell. Siya opens the door and asks who are you? DCP comes inside with the Constables. He says nice house and asks why the bad smell is coming here, and asks if they have hidden the dead body. Viraj says ACP has troubled Siya’s family already and says why did he come to trouble them? DCP says Viraj, this is investigation and you are having problem with it. Viraj says I am having problem with the torture. Avinash tells that he works for law, and if someone breaks the law then he don’t work as per the law. He asks Constables to search the house. Viraj says without the warrant? DCP says he is DCP and don’t need warrant. Siya thinks her family will not suffer and they will never get Raghav’s body. DCP asks what had happened, and sits on the chair. Everyone is seated on the chairs already. Siya tells that Raghav had come. Dadi tells that Raghav threatened us. Raghav’s mother says Siya has locked us in the room. Siya says she was afraid that Raghav will harm them. DCP says I was asking her. Siya says you will get the same answers. Tushar says we thought to call Police, but our phones was outside. DCP asks Khushi what does she think?

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Khushi gets tensed. Viraj says my daughter is in trauma. DCP says I can see, but why? Siya tells that when ACP came, Raghav was shooting at her, and that’s why Khushi is in trauma. DCP asks when did you come? Viraj says until I came, Raghav had fled, else….DCP says you would have killed him. Viraj says probably I would have. DCP asks him to make his work easy and says if Raghav is alive or dead. Siya asks DCP to say if he is alive, dead or caught. Raghav’s body is hidden under the dining table. The constable comes and tells that they didn’t find the dead body. The Inspector comes and gives the gun box, and says they couldn’t find the gun. DCP says damn interesting. His pen falls down. He bends down to pick his pen. Siya picks the pen and gives it to him. He says you have told good story, there is action, drama, emotion, but there is no climax. The tape is opening from Raghav’s body which is sealed to the table roof, and the body falls, but everyone holds his dead body with their legs. DCP asks Siya to keep her house safe, and goes. They keep the dead body on the floor.

Precap: DCP says Raghav is dead and they have hidden his dead body there, but where. He says he will break their team, and says he will keep eye on them, if they try to dispose the body then will be caught. Siya tells Viraj tell that DCP will come. Siya says DCP wants this.