May I Come In Madam 2 25th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanjana Tests Sajan’s Criminal Tendency

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May I Come In Madam 2 25th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Sanjana gives a gun to Sajan and asks him to kill Chedi. Sajan is shocked and refuses to take it. Chedi enters lift talking over phone. Liftman plays Goli Maro Bheje Sanjana forcefully hands over gun to Sajan and signals him to shoot Chedi. Sajan points gun at Chedi. Lift opens. Commissioner Vinod sees him and panics. Sajan says he is thinking wrong. Chedi asks if he wants to kill him. Sanjana says it’s a lighter. Chedi checks it and laughs.

Sanjana calls Sajan and says she will promote him as a company’s director. Sajan says Chedi is the director of the company. Sanjana says he will become a director if he kills Chedi. Sajan panics, but agrees on Sanjana’s blackmail. Kasmira set ups camera on her laptop and watches that. Ramvati panics and shouts to save janaab. Chedi walks to Sajan and chats with him. Ramvati calls Chedi to alert him. Chedi turns. Sajan shoots him. Chedi falls down. Sajan runs from there. Sanjana runs to Chedi and asks if he is fine. Chedi says yes, Sajan would have really killed him if the gun wasn’t fake. They decide to inform Sajan’s family about his criminal tendency.

Sajan runs to Khiloni’s shop in fear and informs him that he killed Chedi. They call Batuta for help. Batuta informs him that Sanjana and Chedi were testing Sajan’s criminal tendency, he hard Chedi discussing about it with Vinod, they are going to Sanjan’s house to alert them. Kashmira and Ramvati pack their bags to escape from the house. Sanjana walks in followed by Chedi and they inform that they were testing Sajan’s criminal tendency. Kashmira requests Sanjana not to remove Sajan from job. Sanjana says board of director will decide that.

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Sajan walks in an acts as trying to commit suicide after recording a video. Batuta realizes that Sajan took his original gun and left a fake gun. He and Khiloni rush to save Sajan.

Precap: Sajan asks Sanjana why she kept plants on her table. Sanjana says she can’t see nature being destroyed and thinks of sleeping in the arms of nature under Himalayas. Sajan makes her feel the nature.