Radha Mohan 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update: The Terrorists start preparing the bomb in Trivedi Bhawan


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The boss says that Radha would be declared as terrorist when she is always preaching about Bhagwat Geeta, saying this is known as Mission Diwali so they start laughing.

In the morning the entire Trivedi family is sitting performing the pooja when Mohan tease Radha but she signals him to just focus on the pooja, ketki starts smiling seeing them both but Mohan keeps teasing Radha, Pandit jee ends the pooja when eh calls Radha and Mohan, asking them both to come to him but Radha says that Mohan should go to the Pandit jee as he was teasing her when Mohan exclaims what would happen because he does not want to be beaten in front of Gungun, Radha asks Mohan to go, he questions why was she teasing him when even Kadmabari signals him, Mohan stands up saying that both of them were called and not only Mohan, Pandit jee starts staring at them seeing which Radha gets worried when he praises them both for doing something very good after preaching their teachings around the world. Pandit jee says they both are very proud of them both hearing which had and Mohan start smiling. Pandit jee says that the efforts of both Radha and Mohan would prove to be very fruitful for them all, Mohan says that the person who changes the things for his convinced, Radha explains as it related to Bhagwat Geeta she desired they should show the true face of it to everyone. Mahant jee says that they are always going to support them, he explains they would be glad to know that he is also going to New Jersey and he will perform the pooja in the Mandir while would also be present at the event which has been organized for them both as they are being felicitated for such a good event. Pandit jee goes to meet the entire family.

The reporters ask why did they chose Bhagwat Geeta when Radha replies she has chosen the book which has taught her a lot since her childhood, Bunty is recording the video of Radha from the corner of the balcony while she is giving her interview to the media.

Bhushan asks Kaveri and Damini to look for some place else as he can not take their responsibility for much longer, Kaveri says that she is his elder sister when Bhushan replies that she is a Nagin which has harmed Kadmabari for so many years and explains that he has not taken their responsibility while even gave the responsibility of Mohit. He asks what can he do since his own mother has thrown him out of the house so where would he go, Mohit promises that he would do all the things that Bhushan asks him, he leaves saying Mohit can eat this dish.

Kaveri tells Damini what if they have to beg on the road when Damini replies nothing will happen as they still have control over Trivedi publication, Kaveri exclaims she should just make these plans when it can never happen, Damini explains that just as she never let Tulsi become a part in the Trivedi Bhawan then would not even let Radha get settled there, Damini explains she has learned that Radha and Mohan are going to the United states and she is also going to go there to seek investors for her new company.

Bunty is talking with his partner who suggests that he should focus on working there while he will handle all the situation here, Bunty says that they all are busy planning to go to the US while he would start making the bomb when the house is empty but he asks Bunty to only talk about it when they start finalizing the plan of Mission Diwali which would make Mr X really happy.

Mohan gets shocked asking if he is not dreaming and says that Gungun is refusing for shopping, he informs that the temperature is very low in America and they have to purchase jackets along with shirts, Radha suggests even the cap.  Gungun replies she is very tensed as she was not complete her homework due to being admitted in the hospital and now they have to go to America and if she does not complete her homework then would have to do it in Diwali so it is better that she should complete it right now after which she will enjoy Diwali. Bunty angrily exclaims that Gungun should go with her mother as she would also not get to celebrate Diwali because they would die in bomb blast. Gungun asks her father to select the dress for her, Radha replies she would select the dress for her, Gungun apologizes saying that her father has very good selection when it comes to clothes and if they do not like it then would shop in the United states,  Radha asks Mohan how can she leave Gungun alone when Maa je and Papa have gone with ketki di. Bunty immediately asks if he can take care o Gungun, Mohan also gets excited saying that they are leaving, Radha whispers to Mohan that Bunty is new so how can they leave Gungun with a stranger, Mohan agrees with her so Radha says she has to think what they must do, they both turn to see Bunty standing there so she asks him to search for the bag of her Ba Kai Bihari jee as it is the last thing left, she asks Mohan jee to come and leaves. Bunty is angrily looking at Gungun thinking that she will get the bag at the right moment and he feels he has got the time after which Mr X would be joyed, he thinks Gungun does not even know that the Diwali for which she is preparing so much would only bring death to this house.

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Radha standing in the hall calls Tulsi informing she has called Rahul who would return shortly but till that time she should not let Gungun get out of her sight, Tulsi agrees saying she will surely keep a close eye on Gungun.

In the night Bunty is closing the doors when he gets a text so wonders if they have come, he opens the doors when two strangers enter so he asks them to hurry so that no one sees them, Rahul walking to the Trivedi Bhawan thinks that Gungun is alone in the house so he thinks they would have a pizza party, he tries ringing the door bell but it is not working when he curses Damini for not taking care of their house so decides to enter from the back door.

Rahul enters the house and wonders why are the lights turned off the entire house, he notices that only the lights in one room are turned on so he goes there to check wondering who is there, Bunty along with his accomplices are preparing the bomb very carefully while Rahul is walking towards the room. Rahul standing outside door is about to open it when he hears the alarm so smiles exclaiming this means Gungun was studying which is why the door was closed so he should check her. Tulsi sitting with Gungun exclaims she is just like Mohan and also falls asleep after seeing books. Rahul entering the room says that she is also like Mohan who felt like sleeping while studying, he slowly starts picking the books and says she should sleep peacefully. Rahul slowly walks out of the room after closing the doors when Tulsi mentions that Rahul loves Gungun a lot even if he fights with everyone in the house.

The accomplice mentions Radha and Mohan are very important for their mission and are the only ones who can take this bomb to the airplane, one of them slowly causes a box to fall when Bunty signals him to be quiet otherwise Gungun would wake up, they once again start the preparation. Rahul wonders what caused the noise there so he leaves to check it. The accomplice exclaims their plan will surely cause fire around the nation on the name of religion hearing which Bunty asks on whose side are they all, the person replies they are not on the side of any relation but just to make sure they hijack the plane after which it will be burn due to the blast, they all start laughing thinking of Mission Diwali. Rahul is shocked to find out the truth about their plan and slowly closes the door thinking that Bunty turned out to be a terrorist and they are planning to hijack the flight, he thinks about informing the police and prevent his family from boarding that plane, Rahul however accidentally causes the vase to fall which makes the terrorists suspicious so they think of firing but Bunty stops them informing it will wake Gungun. Tulsi wonders what caused the noise so she walks out of the room but does not see anyone because Rahul is standing on the top balcony, however just then someone injects him with a syringe causing him to fall unconscious, Tulsi is shocked to see Rahul on the floor and gets furious.