Keh Doon Tumhein 10th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant meets Bittu

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The Episode starts with Madhuri saying these bangles will work as good luck for you, please don’t refuse. Kirti says you know marriage is a big trauma for me, I couldn’t come out of it till now, I didn’t think of marriage. Madhuri says I understand everything, first love and first family are the best, but for some people, second is better, this will happen with you, Sarkar thinks a lot for others, can there be someone better than him, don’t think much, everything got fine, murderer got caught, Anjali got justice, its time to make a new start, think of Puru. Kirti smiles and says she is right. She thinks of Vikrant and her moments.

At the school, Jagdale says we have a complain against you. Kirti asks why. He says you got arrested in front of everyone, what reaction do you expect from parents, it was a murder case. He taunts her that she has Vikrant’s support. He says Sarkar will not let anything happen to you, if he can help in this matter. He goes. She thinks Vikrant didn’t let me know anything, people might be questioning him, I have to talk to Vikrant. She goes to Vikrant’s house. He hides something and asks what happened, did anyone say anything to you. She thinks I can’t put you in more problems. He asks what happened. She asks do you know about the complaint forms. He asks who gave this to you. She says don’t call anyone, just tell me, is there any problem going on because of me. He says relax, I know you are innocent, that is all that matters, I will handle it. She says no, I don’t want you to get into any problem because of me, I will resign if they want. He says no, then they will be sure that you are the culprit, we will fight together. She thanks him for everything. He smiles.

She says I felt like you are hiding something under the bedsheet, is there anything. He says no. She checks the necklace box. He says I wanted to gift this to you, I was hiding it, I know you want to take our relation ahead slowly. He acts sweet. Kirti recalls Madhuri’s words. Vikrant says I was thinking how to give it to you, please accept it. She thanks him. She says its very beautiful, I will go now, Puru is alone, thanks. She leaves.

He gets the ring box and checks it. He says take as much time as you want, I m sure about you, I want to make you wear this ring. He comes to the police station and meets Jadhav. He says I came to make a request. Jadhav says order me. Vikrant says I want to meet Bittu. Jadhav says but Dev said no one can meet him. Vikrant says I won’t ask him anything about the investigation, I want to ask him what situation arose that he did these crimes, its my city, I don’t want such situation to arise again. Jadhav says fine, I can give you 15 mins to meet him.

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Dev is at the school. Principal sees Dev sitting in his chair. He says its my chair. Dev says Pramod, its your chair, I was just sitting and checking if its soft, we policemen don’t get such soft chairs. He scares him. He says sit on your chair, don’t worry, your chair won’t go anywhere, I promise, no one will snatch it, but you have to cooperate with me. Principal says okay, I will tell the truth. Dev asks did you see Bittu coming to school or with Ritu. Principal says no, why would he come here. Dev asks about Bittu and Anjali’s connection. Principal says I didn’t see them together. Dev asks what do you want to say about Sarkar. Principal says I didn’t understand. Dev says Vikrant knew Ritu and Anjali. Principal says yes, he knew them, he used to teach Ritu. Dev says it means everyone knew each other, thanks, have a nice day, like you love your chair, I love Puru, my son, if anything happens to him, then I will take you to the police station along with your chair. He leaves. The girls see Dev and say that he is handling Ritu’s case. They go after him to talk. Vikrant meets Bittu.

Bittu says I knew it, you will come to save me, I m ready to escape, save me. Garud gets the food. Jadhav asks Garud where did you go. Garud says I got something to eat. Jadhav says I m proud of you. He eats the food. Garud says I got this for Bittu. Jadhav says he is a criminal, get light food for him, go. Garud goes. Jadhav says if Garud saw Vikrant with Bittu, then he would have told this to Dev, Vikrant will leave in 10 mins.

Vikrant scolds Bittu. Dev is on the way. Bittu says I was trying to escape, but Dev is clever, he caught me, don’t worry, I won’t take your name. Vikrant says good, keep your mouth shut, I will rescue you when I get a chance. Bittu says remember your promise. Vikrant says I will remember my promise, until you keep your mouth shut, if you say anything to Dev, then I will know it. Bittu says I swear, I will keep my mouth shut. Vikrant nods. Dev comes to the police station. He sees Garud and asks what are you doing here, who is with Bittu. Garud says Jadhav is keeping an eye on Bittu. Dev runs to see Bittu.

Dev says you killed everyone and buried them, why didn’t you do this with Ritu. Bittu says Sarkar. Dev asks Vikrant to breathe free, he won’t get it in the jail, his name has come in interrogation. Vikrant worries.