Radha Mohan 3rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: The Trivedi’s reach the Trivedi Bhawan


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Radha says that Gungun was fine when they were talking from Maldives but how did it happen, Ajeet says that something indeed happened and it was a lot worse then Maa je has told them, Ajeet informs how they caught Kaveri and Bhushan before they could leave with Gungun but the doctor informed them that in their kidnappings attempt they removed the oxygen bottle of Gungun so now they have to perform her third operation quickly. Radha wonder show can someone do such a heinous thing with a young child at the time wen she is fighting for her life or death, Radha says they are not worthy to be called humans, Rahul explains they have locked them all in the rooms o Mohan along with the entire family rush to the room, they are shocked to see that they have run away. Rahul informs Kadambari they ran away, Mohan says he feels it was worth more then just an accident because if she can try to get her kidnapped then it is possible she is the one behind the accident, Mohan asks Radha to think as they challenged Damini for the publishing competition and when they submitted the money for the contest, Damini got really frustrated hearing the news and they day on which they were most happy she was irritated, so she caused the accident of Gungun. Kadmabari explains that if they have done anything of the sort then she would not let them get away so easily, Mohan assures Damini is the one behind everything because they can go to any level and she had made sure Radha reaches the place where she was about to be hanged. Mohan explains that Radha is right that they both have sold their souls, he asks them to think who drives the car so fast near the school and Damini was not able to bear the defeat so this is why she did something so heinous, Mohan vows to not let them get away so easily, Tulsi also gets furious saying she will not let Damini get away.

Radha agrees with Mohan jee saying if they think clearly then can understand that Damini is the one behind everything, so the time has come that the end the story of both Damini and Kaveri. The doctor comes out when Radha asks him how is Gungun, the doctor replies that the condition of Gungun is better hearing which everyone is relieved, the doctor says that Gungun is demanding they both should stay with her because she even needs their support. Radha says Mohan what day can be better to end the evil people then Deshara because on that day the Rawan named as Damini is going to die. Radha asks Mohan to come as now Gungun needs both her Ramaa and papa, Radha says to Kadmabari that they are going to come so leave for the room of Gungun.

Damini is standing when Kaveri comes praising the decoration, she asks what is the need for this all so Damini says today is Deshara and they were living in the fear that when Radha and Mohan would come to blame them but now she does not think anything of the sort would happen but has realized that they have gotten really happy after getting the contract worth two hundred million and even at the survival of Gungun that they did not think the accident was actually a planned murder. Kaveri stops Damini saying she should never speak such things and explains they should let go of them both, Damini explains that their net plan would be to make sure how they can ruin the contract of Radha ad Mohan but Kaveri asks Damini to not make any more plans since they now have this Trivedi Bhawan along with the publication house so she can surely find a suitable person to get her married but Damini replies she does not need anyone else other then her Mohan and now wants him. The crackers burst hearing which both Damini and Kaveri get shocked when Kaveri asks her to think what will happen if the person comes because of whose name the crackers start bursting, Damini asks Kaveri to come out as they must check what is going on. Damini and Kaveri walk out of the house when are shocked to see Mohit and Bhushan firing the crackers, Kaveri gets furious at them both when Damini mentions they should let them enjoy but the only thing that the left is to paste the face of Radha on the Rawan. Kaveri suddenly gets the call from the nurse who informs her that Gungun is going to be discharged today, Kaveri angrily ends the call. The nurse is tensed seeing the entire trivedi family standing in front of her so says she has done as they asked, Radha mentions she is a sister and they all really look up to her but if she sells her responsible just for some money then who would believe her, she gets the sister go on just a warning.t he doctor walks out with Gungun informing that all her tests are normal and they can take her back home, Gungun starts hugging everyone one by one. Radha tells Mohan the day has finally come for which they had been waiting and today they are going to punish those who have hurt their daughter, Mohan agrees with Radha asking her to come with him but Kadambari stops him, she tells Radha and Mohan that they should not take any step but with a lot of care and thought, Mohan replies the time for patience has gone by and it is the time for actions. Radha says that Gungun has woken up after so long so she wants to spend some time with her, Gungun rushes to hug Radha who also embraces her, they both are smiling. Mohan agree saying he is going to meet them outside so leaves telling Maa is going to return, Mohan is furiously walking toward the door from where the person is slowly looking at him but just as Mohan turns to leave the person hides his face and acts as if he is using the mobile. He immediately calls his boss informing him that they are talking of some Damini and Kaveri, but he does not know about them right now however will surely arrange their Kundali.

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Mohan and Radha both angrily walk into the Trivedi Bhawan but Raja stops them both at the front gate saying they cannot go inside, Mohan warns him to step aside otherwise he wold not be able to be a criminal, Radha also says they are returning to their own house so he should get aside, Raja says they are threatening him thinking he is alone but he calls his men warning that he will prepare a grave right here if they think about touching him, Radha replies even her Mohan jee is not alone, Kadambari along with Gungun and the entire Trivedi family starts walking towards the Trivedi Bhawan seeing which Raja gets shocked a bit. Raja starts laughing seeing them both asking if they brought the old couple along with this model he vows to make sure they get in such a condition tat they all go to hospital. Radha says they do not even need the support of their family, Mohan informs they are enough for them all, Gungun explains Radha and Mohan are hit when they are together. Mohan says they would not have backed down even if Raja had five hundred men as this relates to his daughter and whoever has tried to hurt her, Radha and Mohan would not let them get away so easily. Mohan slaps Raja with all his force first then kicks him due to which they all fall down, Raja orders his men to hit him when the entire Trivedi family starts fighting, they are about to hit Mohan with a stick but Radha stops them, Mohan smiles after looking at Radha when they all start fighting, Kadambari assures that there is nothing to worry about.

Mohan turns to look at Radha who is beating one of them while Mohan himself handles both Raja and also one of his men, Kadambari orders Mohan to not leave anyone of them, Ketki warns Rahul but in the meantime they manage to push Ajeet so Rahul starts beating him, Vishwaniyat and ketki are also fighting with their family to the best of their abilities, Kadambari is standing with Gungun protecting her, Tulsi says they should beat them all even more.

Damini and Kaveri come out questioning who is making so much noise, kaveri exclaims it is not even time for Rawan Dehan but they are shocked to see Mohan along with the entire Trivedi family, Damini mentions what she feared has happened as Radha and Mohan surely came here, Damini asks them all to stop this drama when Mohan says the drama has just started while she should wait to see what happens, Damini threatens to call the police if they donot leave, Mohan says she has taken words out of his mouth because he was about to all the police and tell them how she has purposefully caused the accident of Gungun, Damini is shocked hearing it asking Mohan what is he saying, she assures she has not done anything of the sort so vows to call the police right now.

Kadmabari snatches the phone from Damini before she can call the police, asking why is she in such a hurry because this matters relates to their house and they can solve everything mutually. Damini starts struggling to take back her phone but Kadmabari starts fighting with her, Damini pushes Kadmabari who is about to fall but Ketki catches her. Mohan gets furious witnessing it and even Radha is shocked so kadambari assure she is in, ketki notices Damini so walking to her she slaps Damini, seeing which even Kaveri is shocked. Damini angrily turns to look at Ketki who is furious along with everyone else.