Junooniyat 3rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Jordan gets arrested

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Scene 1
Pandit ji asks Jahan to come and do pooja with him. He wears the thread. Jordan calls on Jahan’s number. He speaks as the inspector. Jahan says to pandit ji I am coming in a bit. Please don’t tell anyone. Jahan comes to a site. Police is doing digging there. Jahan says did you call me to identify the body? Jahan says yes. Jahan opens the casket. Jordan’s body is in it. Jahan says jordan I wish it didn’t end this way. Jordan opens eyes and strangles him. Jordan’s goons grab Jahan and faint him. Jordan says I will write the end of this story. The put Jahan in the casket.

Everyone waits for Jahan. Ilahi says I am really worried. She says let me look for my phone. Ilahi says something is worried. Everyone is worried for Jahan. Husna comes to the room and looks for Jahan. Ilahi says where did he go? Ilahi calls Jahan. His phone is no reachable. Ilahi is worried. Lights go off. Jordan comes. Ilahi thinks it’s Jahan. She hugs him. Ilahi says thank God you came. Jordan says you called me and I came. Ilahi is shocked to se it’s Jordan. He puts hand on Ilahi’s mouth and takes her to the room. Jordan says don’t shout or Jahan won’t live. He shows Jahan’s video. Ilahi screams and says don’t do anything to Jahan. He says if you wanna save him, you have only one option. Be my wife again. Marry me. Jordan says if you want him to live do that. Or you will not even find his dead body. Let’s go prepare for our wedding. Jordan wears sehra.

Scene 2
Ilahi and Jordan come downstairs. Dolly says I was so scared. Pandit ji asks them to sit. Ilahi is worried for Jahan. She says how do I tell everyone. How do i save Jahan. Jordan says Jahan will die and you’ll have to live with me. They tie Jordan andIlahi’s knot. Jahan opens eyes in the casket. Ilahi falls. Dolly holds her. Ilahi whispers and tells Dolly everything. She says Jahan’s life is in danger. Please do something. JAhan gets oout of the casket. Dolly nods. The pheras start. Jahan fights with the goons. Dolly tells Baljit. Baljit tells Varun. He sends men to find Jahan. Jahan runs from the goons and takes a lift. Ilahi pretends fo faint. DOlly says she hasn’t eaten anything. Let’s take her inside.

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Jordan takes off the sehra and says stop. everyone is shocked to see Jordan. Jordan says if anyone comes forward I will kill Ilahi. He puts a knife on her. Everyone begs him to leave Ilahi. Jahan comes there and says how dare you. He hits jorrdan. Jahan strangles Jordan. Ilahi stops him. Ialhi says to Jordan your anger cannot save anyone. You are a demon. I will pray for your worse life. you’re a disgusting human. Police comes and they arrest Jordan. Mahip cries.

The wedding restarts. Ilahi and jahan complete the pheras. Jahan fills Ilahi’s hairline and makes her wear mangalsutra. Ilahi is happy. They take blessings of all the elders.

Scene 3
A few months later Ilahi and jahan gives birth to their child. Everyone plays with the kid. Bau ji says he’s mine. Tina says he wil love me the most. Jahan asks Ilahi to come for dinner. Ilahi says we will all go for dinner. Ilahi gets a call. She says who is there? It’s Jordan. He says Ilahi.. Ilahi is shocked. Jahan asks what happened. Ilahi gives the phone to Jahan. He hangs up. Ilahi says it was Jordan. They’re shocked.

Episode ends