Radha Mohan 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Radhika asks Gungun to accept her mistake

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Gungun opening the door is shocked to see Radha standing in front of her who says she has come to talk to her father, Gungun gets worried wondering what if she has found out about the real identity and this is why she came to talk to her father, Radhika asks if she can come inside but Gungun refuses to allow her, Radhika then advises Manan to stay here while play until she comes back outside, Gungun gets worried thinking what will happen today. Gungun refuses to let her inside, Radhika asks the reason, Gungun says that her father has instructed her to not let any stranger inside, Radhika replies she is not a stranger and Gungun knows her well, Gungun thinks she might know about her which is why she is talking about the past, Gungun thinks that all of her efforts have gone to waste.

Punan asks Yug why did he send Radhika out of the house, Yug is signing the song exclaiming that someone is going to come today and give the answers to his questions, Punan furiously asks Yug what has happened, he says she is causing problems to the beautiful song, Yug says the past of Radhika is going to come today, Punan asks what does he mean, he says that they say the conversations of a husband a wife should not be told to anyone else, Punan says that she is getting scared just as she di seven years ago, Yug says they decided to not talk about the past, he has a perfect family then what is the reason to talk about it, Punan says this is what she is saying, because he wants to keep his present fine then should stop inquiring about the past of Radhika, the door bell rings when Yug says it is a bit late because had Punan told him this earlier then he might have thought about it but it is very late, Punan sees the injuries on the hands of Yug so asks how did it happen, Yug says this is not any injury but love.

Gungun asks if she knows her, Radhika replies she knows her very well and even Gungun knows her so there is no reason to hide it, Gungun says she knows Radhika is about to be their neighbor and they even dropped her at the hospital, Gungun exclaims she remembered it all but even then cannot let her inside, Gungun tries to close the door when Radhika stopping her mentions she knew Gungun was the one who hit her with the car, she once again opens the door. Radhika enters the house when Mohan suddenly gets a strange feeling so suddenly stops the car, Meera asks where is Mohan lost, he asks if Maa is fine when Meera asks him to drive fast otherwise they would lose their appointment. Mohan wonders why is he feeling that Radha has once again returned to his life and he will meet her very soon.

Radhika is slowly walking in the house and having a strange feeling so places her hand over the chest to calm down, Radhika wonders why is she feeling that he is very close to her today, and they are about to meet when she just takes a single step, after which he will be in front of her. Gungun sees the photo of Mohan placed on the table, she gets worried that Radhika might see him so Gungun slowly goes to the table from where she picks the photo and places it on the couch, Gungun then sees the other portrait on the wall so thinks his photo is behind her, and if she sees it then would realize that her name is Gungun after which she will understand everything.

Yug tells Punan that the Air conditioner broke so he was holding the ICE in his hands, Punan gets shocked asking were was he standing, he informs he was holding the ICE in front of the fan because Radhika was restless and she slept peacefully due to which he felt very nice and thought of just looking at her and he did not realize when the night went by and he had blisters in his hands, Punan questions what has happened to him as Radhika could have slept in the room of Manan and even her, Yug says there is no need to over react as if he had woken Radhika then it would not be fine, as if someone wakes up then the moment end, Punan is worried for Yug who laughs saying it is just a little injury which would get fine, he says her Yug is very strong however needs to go and open the door because if they get late then the past might leave. Punan thinks it is all happening again and neither the result was good that time neither will it be today.

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Gungun stops Radhika from turning saying she does not want to talk to her so she should leave, Radhika scolds her saying she will not leave unless they talk because she is just a child and there is no need to show so much attitude, Radhika orders Gungun to go and sit there on the couch, Gungun gets stunned so she slowly goes to sit on the couch, Radhika then once again gets the feeling but goes to stand in front of Gungun asking where are her parents and when will they return, Gungun says they have gone with her Dadi to the hospital, Radhika then she would not be able to talk to them today but can at least talk to her, Gungun thinks she has not remembered her which is good however thinks of sending her back before her father returns.

Mohan is driving when he asks Meera if she has kept all of the reports of Maa, Meera apologizes saying she forgot to pick them in a hurry, Kadambari thinks she would not get better if she is left with Mohan and Meera, while even the trouble named as Radha is hanging on her head and Mohan is ready to be the neighbor of Radha.

Yug opens the door to see Ramaveshwar and Dadi standing thee, he welcomes them both inside informing Radhika is waiting eagerly for them, he asks if they had any difficulty but both say they came without any problem, Punan wonders why did Yug call the father and Dadi of Radhika.

Radhika sitting down apologizes for being too strict and says she wonders if Gungun did not feel so bad, Radhika thanks Gungun saying it is clear that her parents have given her very good teachings, Radhika says sometimes no matter how hard the parents desire to teach them but even then the children make mistakes which is normal as how will the children learn just like she did. Gungun is still looking at the portrait Radhika replies she know which car hit her, and it was her jeep which she was driving, Gungun says this is why Radhika came here so she can tell that she caused the accident, Radhika replies she did not tell anyone including Yug, but Radhika will have to tell her father because she not only make one mistake but three, first she drove the car even when she is under age, second that she hit her with the car and the third that she instead of apologizing kept it a secret, Radhika says no matter how hard they try to make the lie in a trust is still a lie, Gungun gets up saying she knows it very well. Radhika recalls how she taught the same to Gungun, she standing behind her mentions this is what she would have said but how did Gungun know of it, Radhika says only she says it, and taught it to her children allot of years ago but how does she know it, Gungun gets worried thinking if she has found out that she is Gungun, she starts getting nervous.