Kavya 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya fails Badi Amma’s plan

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The Episode starts with Adi saying Kavya and her family are ruining me. He gets angry and goes. Rajeev and Anjali talk about Kavya. Mayank comes and asks him to sign the file. He says I told you about my business, you have to become a silent partner, I will handle everything. Rajeev feels proud and hugs him. He blesses Mayank. Anjali asks Rajeev to sign the file. She goes to make halwa. Adi sees the bags packed. He asks Kavya to open the door. She says no, you can break the door, you can stay in any other room, do you miss me and want to stay with me. Adi asks Santu to take his bags to the guest room. She says bye, love you too. She gets Sanjeev’s call. He says I got to know about the baraat, we will go tomorrow. She thanks him. She says I have some other work, if you can take Adi’s party head to Bhamalpur route, then it will be good. He says you want to meet him. She says I want Adi to get the MLA ticket. Its morning, Santu asks shall I come with you. Kavya says no, you have to show I m in the room, I have to meet someone, its imp. Alka and Santu say we will manage. Adi comes to have some water. He goes. Alka asks Kavya to go now. Sanjeev comes. He asks Kavya to come. Kavya asks Alka did you feed Omi. Alka says yes, I will make him sleep in Malini’s room before she wakes up. Kavya runs out. Sanjeev helps Alka. They see Malini and hide under the stairs. Sanjeev says sorry. Alka says thanks and goes.

Sanjeev goes to Kavya. He says who separates a child from his mum, Malini didn’t do right with Alka. Kavya drives off. Santu and Adi come to the room. Adi says she is troubling me, fine, let her stay, she will come out to have food. Santu says no, I will give her food. Adi asks how. Santu says she will open the door for me. He says I got tea for you, fine, I will keep it here. Adi goes.

Kavya and Sanjeev meet the couple, and check the pics and videos. The couple say we want to help you, we believe you are innocent. Kavya asks does anyone have original videos. The lady gives the videographer number and asks them to talk to him. Badi Amma says Kavya can’t be trusted. Giriraj asks where is Kavya, Adi, call her, we need her. Adi says no need. Giriraj says the party head stopped at Bhamalpur and met the people, who praised you a lot, the party head agreed to give the MLA ticket. Adi asks why did he go via Bhamalpur. Giriraj says I don’t care what Rajeev did, whenever you go there, keep Kavya along, fight elections, once you win, then you decide it. Badi Amma gets angry. She says its good, I will give the news to Anurag. She goes.

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She calls Anurag and says Adi will get the party ticket, we are losing, Kavya has don this. She gets Kavya’s call. She takes the call. Kavya asks why do you look worried. Badi Amma says you think you are clever. Kavya says I m clever and have a magic wand, I have done all this, I love Adi, I m challenging you, Adi will become MLA and my innocence will be proved, do anything you want. She smiles. Anurag gets Badi Amma’s call. She says Kavya has gone mad, she said she did this. He says I know, Kavya got to know about the video, I had sent a man after Sanjeev, you are my Chanakya, tell me some idea. Badi Amma says Kavya is in her room. He says no, she is here, look at her. He shows Kavya on video call. Badi Amma is shocked. She says no, this can’t happen. Anurag says she is here, I will go and see what’s the matter, I will call you. Badi Amma says then who is inside the room.

She calls Adi and asks where is Kavya. Kavya and Sanjeev check the videos. The man says this is the last video, check this. They see Kavya’s car. Kavya says there is another car behind. Adi opens the room and calls out Kavya. He says she isn’t here. Badi Amma asks Alka where is Kavya. Alka says she was here in the morning. Badi Amma scolds Alka. Adi says you shouldn’t support Kavya, where is she. Alka says trust me, I don’t know anything. Badi Amma says fine, Kavya is breaking our family, I won’t tolerate this. She asks Santu to keep Kavya’s bags out of the house. Giriraj comes and stops Santu. He says Adi, you got the MLA ticket. Adi asks how did you know. Giriraj says party head called me and informed. Malini says it’s a good news. Giriraj says Adi, you fulfill Omi’s dream now. They hug. Sanjeev says this car has hit your car. Kavya nods. Sanjeev asks whose car is it. Kavya says zoom it. Anurag hears them and worries.

Kavya and Sanjeev see the video. Kavya says someone else is Omi’s culprit. Adi asks about proof. Adi says I have proof.