Radha Mohan 2nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Gungun finally wakes up because of Radha


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Radha tells Gungun asked her to go and win the competition in Maldives which she did and do not care for her there which she also accepted, Radha further says Gungun made her believe that she will take care of herself but what condition has she gotten herself into, she says she is not going to talk with Gungun. Radha asks if Gungun remembers what her Ramaa always used to tell her that the soul in her body is the source of power due to which her body works and all these injuries are only on her body but her soul is still the same which wants to wake up and play, and enjoy with herself so now Gungun should tell her body that it is enough as she wants to go to her Ramaa and papa, she needs to learn how to do business from her Grandmother and even learn her to make her own hair from her aunt while take so many toys from her uncle. Radha pleads with Gungun to listen to her Ramaa and wake up, saying how Gungun knows their relation is not normal and she has not given her birth but Gungun has chosen her as her mother with her own choice while she has also accepted Gungun as her daughter. The entire family gets emotional when Radha tells Gungun it would be wrong if she leaves her like this, and it is known as cheating in English while she knows that her daughter is never going to cheat with her, Radha pleads with Gungun to open her eyes and say it again promising to only make whatever Gungun asks her to make, she will not even let her go to school if she does not like. Radha promises to play with Gungun in the house but she should just wake up, Radha getting emotional rests her head beside Gungun on the bed, the entire family is also emotional witnessing it.

Kaveri and Damini are pouring kerosene over the car, Bhushan says they both have lost their mind because they are burning such a new car, Damini says they will get many new cars but if anyone finds it then they would be blamed so Bhushan agrees asking them to burn it, Damini throws the match on the car which starts burning, Bhushan is still worried as it is a very new car but Damini prays that the Chita of Gungun should also burn like the same.

Radha mentions Gungun desired as younger brother or sister so she promises to bring him after which Gungun can play with them, she says for it Gungun needs to wake up so she can take care of them because she herself only has a single daughter and would only take care of her. Radha explains Gungun needs to wake up to take care of her younger siblings, Radha starts yelling at Gungun demanding that she should wake up, the entire family is also emotional after seeing the condition of both Gungun and Radha. Tulsi exclaims that Gungun always listens to her Ramaa should also listen this time and wake up. Radha is still crying, she says she cannot see Gungun like this anymore and she needs to wake u as she is very young so still needs to see a lot in this world she must dance and play. Radha pleads with Gungun to not do this with her Ramaa, Radha yells the name of Gungun with much intensity but it does not have any effect, Radha exclaims if anything happen to Gungun today then her motherhood is going to lose. The whole world is going to say to her that she is a step mother because of which she was not able to fulfill her duty and protect Gungun. Tulsi also pleads with Gungun to wake up. Radha exclaims even her mother had given her the responsibility of Gungun that she is always going to take care of her and protect her but now what is she going to say to her. Radha starts moving Gungun demanding she should listen to her Ramaa and wake up however after a while Radha loses hope so rests her head against Gungun and starts crying. Tulsi asks Radha to not say anything of the sort as she has given a lot of love to Gungun so no one can question her.

Damini is glad that Mohan would not be able to find about their plan otherwise everything would be ruined, kaveri asks Damini to not be worried as they have burnt all the proof and Mohan will not be able to reach to them.

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Radha once again lifts her head asking Gungun to open her eyes once again, she questions why is Gungun giving her so much pain. Radha says if Gungun leaves today then with her even her Ramaa is going to leave, Kadambari along with the rest of the family get worried. Tulsi also requests Gungun to wake up as she needs to listen to her Ramaa. Kadambari wonders what is Radha saying.

The workers goes to his boss explaining the condition of the girl is not good and she might not survive but the boss says that he needs the report of whatever is happening in the hospital.

Radha tells that Gungun turned her into Ramaa from Radha, she remembers how Gungun vowed to call her as Ramaa and even tied the Rakhi on her hand saying that she always protects her so this Rakhi is for her, Gungun even demanded that she needs a cute little brother for herself. Radha is not able to stop crying constantly thinking about Gungun, Radha looking at her says now she does not have any reason to work for other then Ramaa, as if Gungun is alive then Radha will be alive while if Gungun is not alive then there is not going to be anything. Radha says that Gungun is the thread which ties her to Mohan jee and if anything happens to Gungun then both of them will be disperse, nothing will be the same as before while it will be ruined, Radha once again says she is really hurting and cannot see Gungun like this., Radha angrily says Gungun does not want to wake up then right in front of her Radha is also going to die. Tulsi questions what is Radha saying assuring that Gungun will wake up. Radha is still crying resting her head against the body of Gungun when she suddenly starts breathing heavily but no one is able to see it. Gungun then slowly calls her Ramaa hearing which Radha is shocked, she slowly turns to Gungun who has opened her eyes. Mohan is not able to believe it while even Kadambari is stunned along with the rest of the family. Gungun asks Radha then who is going to raise her, Kadambari turns to Mohan in excitement who is also smiling. Radha not being able to control her emotions hugs Gungun while Mohan also rushes inside along with the rest of the family, they all get emotional seeing Gungun who is finally awake. Mohan asks Gungun how is she, the doctor enters the room and seeing Gungun is awake explains only a mother can do such a miracle. Radha starts smiling looking at Gungun when Mohan says that Radha managed to save Gungun, she asks Ramaa why is everyone crying. Kadambari explain that no one is crying so they all wipe off their tears. Radha tells Gungun that everyone was tensed as Gungun was not fine but now that she is awake then everything is fine. The doctor also assures that now everything is fine but they need to perform some tests on Gungun so they all should leave for some time, Mohan agrees telling Gungun they are just outside, Radha asks her to not be worried as her Ramaa and papa are waiting for her outside the room, Kadambari asks everyone to come outside, the person leaves.

Kadambari praises Ba Kai Bihari jee that Gungun is fine but Mohan says it is not the case. The person is listening to their conversation from the corner of the hall an informs his boss about the good news that Gungun is alive, the person explains if Radha and Mohan can bring back their daughter from dead then can surely complete their task so he asks them to start the operation Diwali.

Mohan asks Kadambari to tell them that when they would call to talk with Gungun she is fine, Radha also says that Gungun was fine then what happened, kadambari remembers how the doctor said they removed her oxygen mask and other supporting machines so they have to perform the third operation. Radha asks what happened with Kadambari who explains the entire situation but how kaveri came to try and kidnap Gungun but they managed to stop her however she removed the oxygen mask causing a lot of complications, hearing this Radha gets worried.