Kavya 2nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kavya promises the Sarpanch

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The Episode starts with Rajeev speaking to Navya on call and asking the man to get Basant Khedi wire. Giriraj recalls talking to Joshi. Omi says I m not liking it, I mean if the power line doesn’t start, then Adi will lose his name. Giriraj says I didn’t wish to upset Adi, Kavya will leave Adi and run away from the village, Adi will get angry and come back to me after leaving the academy. Kavya recalls the man’s words. O palan haare…plays… She sees a procession going. She goes and makes Adhiraj fall down the bed. She asks him to come with him. He jokes. She takes him. He asks why did you get me here. He says you got permission letter, but the electricity didn’t come, what will tell Pradhan ji when he comes for inspection, I don’t see results, if this is your and your dad’s new game, then tell me, else our hopes will die. He says you talk a lot, shut up now, I will show you the magic, look there. He switches on the lights and shows her. She smiles.

He says you have done an amazing job. She goes inside and switches the lights on and off. She hugs him. They have a moment. Its morning, Kavya greets the Zilla Sarpanch. He asks what work did you do. She says come inside, I will show the work. He says I can see the paint done. She says we have ordered the machines and spoke to four doctors, who are ready to work here, power supply has started finally. She takes them inside the hospital. She checks the lights. The lights don’t come. Adhiraj asks what happened. The man says there is no electricity, these people are fooling us. Sarpanch says you are Navya’s sister, you are fooling us, we won’t listen to you, I will deal with you. Adhiraj and Shubh come in front. Shubh asks what’s the matter, you are messing up. Sarpanch asks are you threatening me, this is my village, my land.

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Shubh says I have seen many people like you. Kavya says sorry Sir, we have one day time more, you can give me any punishment you want. He says just one day, remember. They leave. Adhiraj and Shubh argue. He insults Shubh. Shubh says you and your dad are liars, I know everything. Adhiraj says your dad came here to take revenge on a girl. Kavya asks did you check the files. Rajeev says yes, there is no permission for the power supply, I have checked it well. She thinks. She goes to Adhiraj and takes him aside. She says I spoke to my dad, what’s this, this permit isn’t in Lucknow office, this has no value. Adhiraj says you have seen the power supply yesterday. She says you are fooling me, stop acting, you and your dad don’t want the hospital to start, you are doing a double game with me. He says shut up, how shall I prove my innocence.

They argue. He stops her. Shubh comes and intervenes to taunt Adhiraj. He says you and your dad are liars. They get into a serious fight. Kavya rushes and stops them. She says its my project, my tension, I don’t need anyone, I can manage it alone, you go back and prepare for your IAS, this is none of your business, Shubh. Shubh leaves.

She says I will complete whatever I have decided, I will start this hospital alone, but you stay away from me. She goes and cries. She imagines Navya coming and encouraging her. Kavya calls someone and asks for help.

Kavya says we have to get the electricity. Giriraj says she shouldn’t get the electricity. Kavya begins the hospital’s normal functioning.