Radha Mohan 27th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Kaveri tries to kidnap Gungun


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The inspector tells Kadambari they are trying their best to find the person who hit Gungun but have not been able to found anything, he says they have found the CCTV footage of the car which hit her and the car is of red color. Inspector asks Kadmabari to not be worried as they will surely find the car and both the driver. Kaveri gets worried hearing this and recalls how she and Damini both parked the car in the warehouse till the time things get sorted down, Kaveri thinks the Inspector would reach her daughter very soon if they find the car but she has to first take care of Gungun. The inspector leaves seeing which Kaveri is relieved, she in a saddened voice takes the name of Kadmabari. Tulsi wonders what is Kaveri doing here.

Radha takes out the needle and string when Mohan asks what is she planning to do, she asks him to wait and watch while she starts stitching the clothes. Mohan is just looking at her thinking she is very clever and able to make him do anything with ease, he recalls how she has always taken care of him in each and every problem, he notices that she is constantly correcting he hair which keep coming on her face. Radha keeps stitching while constantly fixing both her hair and the saree, Mohan slowly walks behind her and then picks up the corner of her saree which he covers so she does not get in any trouble, Radha stops for a moment turning to look at Mohan who with the signal asks what happened, he then sits beside her when she questions what is he doing, Mohan with a smile on his face corrects her hair by pushing them behind her ear, Radha seeing this starts smiling. Mohan also starts laughing seeing her smile when she gets close to him so he slowly kneels towards her but she turns away, Radha sees the time so screams which shocks Mohan and he says he has not done anything, Radha replies there is just one hour left for the competition, Radha asks him to stand away from her and even close his hands because they have very less time, Mohan asks why was she looking at him when Radha replies she does not have clothes so what is she going to wear, Mohan says she can wear his clothes.

Kaveri calls Kadambari as her sister and tries to calm her but Kadambari questions what is she doing here while wearing so much jewelry, Kaveri replies she has come here to see Gungun because she found out about her accident and even brought food for them, Ketki angrily replies they neither need her concern nor the food that she brought as she should leave, Kaveri screams but Kadmabari warns her saying it is a hospital, Kaveri says that Ketki has lost everything but has the same attitude, Kaveri mentions she lives in a Mansion and wears expensive saree along with the jewelry but even then does not insult anyone., Ketki warns kaveri to stop this nonsense and never forget that she has stolen everything from them, the jewelry which she wears thinking that she is a heroine they belong to her mother while the crown belongs to Gungun. Tulsi vows to not let her leave peacefully. Kadmabari asks ketki to stop, Bhushan and Mohit come disguised as the ward boy, Kaveri sees them so signals them and they both after covering their face start walking towards the room.

Kunal and Damini both reach the location of the competition and Damini mentions that it is a very good ride so what is this car, Kunal says that this is the electric car and the special thing about it is that it is exclusive for the tourists who can ride it and tour the entire island, Kunal mentions that the name of this car is derived from the pop stars of eighties and nineties, Damini mentions even the water sports are very popular and she saw that cuda jets were launched here, she shows Kunal the video of them seeing which he gets amazed asking why did he not know about it, he suggests they have to go to it tonight so Damini agrees.

Radha mentions she does not have the time and unknowingly hurts her finger, Mohan rushes to her saying she should not talk and he immediately puts her finger in his mouth seeing which Radha gets stunned and she just starts staring at him. Mohan keeps looking at Radha, she also starts smiling but then shows him that the other finger got hurt, Radha asks him to let go of her as he cannot do any work properly, she says she does not have time but he says that blood is coming out Radha assures she cannot stop as they have to win this competition for Gungun, Radha remembers when Gungun got in the accident and they did not have the money to get her treated but then was given the money, she suddenly starts thinking about Gungun, Mohan says what can happen to Gungun when she has a mother like her so says that she is fine, Radha once again starts sewing the clothes.

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Bhushan and Mohit both secretly try to enter the room but Ketki stops them both, she starts walking towards them questioning who are they, Kaveri gets worried thinking they got caught before doing their work and what would she do if they are caught before kidnapping Gungun. Mohit replies they have come to collect the medicines as they need to submit the report, Ketki starts thinking that this voice seems known. Kaveri thinks she has to do something about Ketki who might ruin the entire plan. Bhushan asks Mohit why is Ketki staring at them, Kaveri suddenly starts crying once again when Ajeet tells Kaveri they are in the hospital so she must calm down, Mohit and Bhushan quickly enter the room. Averi says she cannot understand why are they behaving like this with her, because she has raised Gungun with so much love.

Bhushan and Mohit after entering the room quickly remove the oxygen mask and the other syringes, kaveri says she has played a lot with Gungun and even got beaten by her but they are behaving in this manner. Mohit and Bhushan manage to cover Gungun.

In Maldives, Kunal wonders where are Radha and Mohan and he prays she has arranged the dress code as they would not be allowed to enter without it Damini thinks that Radha and Mohan have not come till now, which means her mother has managed to kill Gungun so they left without participating. Damini calls Kaveri asking if the work has been finished when Kaveri says it will indeed be completed and she must be relieved that Mohan and Radha would not be able to participate.

Radha shows Mohan the dress when he explains she has performed magic with a simple needle and syringe, Radha asks him to call Gungun but he says they do not have the time however Radha refuses to leave, Mohan tries calling Maa but the call is not able to connect, Radha gets worried so asks what has happened, he says that he is not able to reach either Ketki, Maa or even Ajeet. Radha asks him to quickly try calling Gungun.

Bhushan and Mohit slowly start walking with the stretched on which Gungun is lying unconscious, Radha explains that she is really getting worried and if they donot answer this time then she suggests they should leave everything. Mohan asks her to wait as he is trying to call them, Radha says she is very worried and why is no one answering the call.

Kaveri mentions when her own family do not consider her as their own then what can she do to make them believe she is still their family member, Kaveri slowly turns to see Mohit and Bhushan walking away with Gungun on the stretcher, the hand of Gungun falls off from the stretcher seeing which Kaveri gets worried thinking if the Trivedi’s catch her this time then would surely kill her. Mohan tells Radha that Gungun might not have the phone, Radha explains she gave Gungun the watch on which she can get the call and even recorded her voice.

Mohan gets the call from KK who asks where is he since they have arranged everything and even the jury has arrived, Radha angrily takes the phone saying she wants to talk with her Gungun, Mohan tries to calm her down but she says that she needs to call Gungun. Kunal is worried about what has happened to Radha and prays her daughter is fine. Damini thinks this means her mother has done her work so she thinks it is time to start the finale.

Kaveri says that she came here to help them but is now just leaving after being insulted, Kaveri manages to lift the hand of Gungun but then the ring tone starts playing on the watch of Gungun hearing which the entire Trivedi family gets worried, thinking this means Gungun is not in her room. Rahul and Ketki both instruct them to stop before walking towards the stretcher seeing which Bhushan gets worried, they are still able to hear the voice of Radha. Ketki mentions this is the voice from Gungun’s watch, Kadambari says this is the voice of Radha and why is it coming from here. Ketki notices the person covered on the stretcher and looks at Kaveri along with the ward boy who has covered hi face, she notices something is wrong and raises her hand to lift the cover only to see Gungun, Ketki and Rahul get worried while the rest of the family is shocked.

Precap: Radha says to Mohan I’m not feeling good we should leave right now. Damini’s mother kicks the stretcher. Everyone runs to save Gungun. Gungun is hanging outside the window. Radha gets the call. Judges says we are getting late, let’s announce the winner. Damini says Radha and Mohan are not here, nobody can stop me from winning the competition and taking the contract.