Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 27th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Hetal pushes Kesar in water tank to kill her

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 27th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kesar wearing Gajra given by Kabir. Suraj gets upset. Kabir smiles and goes from there. Kesar comes to Suraj. Suraj asks Kesar if she liked the gajra more than his necklace. Kesar asks if he is jealous? He asks jealousy and says no. He says he don’t like Kabir’s interruption. Kesar says you are a bit jealous, if you say once then I will remove it. He says don’t remove it, your friend gave it to you, so don’t remove it. He goes. Kesar smiles looking at Suraj. Ambika looks at them. Moksh writes cheque and gives to the jeweller. Aarti recalls in the afternoon he was using his left hand and now right hand. She questions him. Moksh says he is not the one she is thinking. He writes with his left hand and gives to her surprising her. He says he can do work with both his hands. Shakuntala says sarvagunn sampan. Moksh asks her to get ready. Aarti goes. He sends message to Kiran and says he is sending the live location, and writes you will always be my priority. Baa is keeping eye on Hetal. Hetal says she can’t become her puppet. Someone dressed as Hetal is sitting infront of the idol, to fool Baa and others. Hetal asks the girl to tell Kesar that the boy is crying outside. Kesar tells Suraj that she will take diamonds from Jamuna bhai and will come back to do garba with him. Suraj smiles. The girl comes to Kesar and tells that the boy is crying in the garden area. Kesar comes out and finds baby’s crying. She thinks baby has fallen in the water tank and peeps inside. Ambika looks for Kesar. Baa looks at Hetal and sees her sitting in the temple area.

Hetal comes behind Kesar and pushes her inside the tank. Kesar falls inside and gets hurt. Hjetal then locks the tank with the lock and key. Baa is coming to the temple to check Hetal, when Dhruvi stops Baa, and tells her that she will make prasad tomorrow. Baa says you did right. She comes to Hetal. Hetal asks what Baa? She recalls replacing the statue at the right time, while Dhruvi diverts her. Baa asks her to do paath. Hetal says very soon, Kesar will die and this house will mourn. Kesar shouts Masu, Suraj and cries. She looks for her phone. Hetal tells Dhruvi that water will be filled up soon and by 7:30 she will die. Hetal and Dhruvi recall making the plan. She tells that we shall be infront of everyone, and tells that everyone shall know that Kesar is going out so that nobody searches her before 7:30. Dhruvi tricks Darshan and sends him to Kesar, and Kesar tells him that she will come back after meeting Jamuna bhai and will dance with him. Kabir starts music and the people do garba. Kesar shouts Masu. Later Suraj gets worried for Kesar. Ambika asks him to call Kesar. Kesar sees the call and picks it. She shouts Suraj..I am in the water tank, but Suraj can’t hear her. Ambika asks him to call her again. Kesar thinks what to do? She shouts Suraj and Masu….again and again. Ansh asks why you are stressed, it is 6:26, she will come back. Ambika comes to wash her hands and hears Kesar’s voice. She thinks why she is feeling Kesar’s voice, and hopes she is fine. Moksh and Aarti are in the car. He holds her hand. She thinks Moksh’s touch is not bad.

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Kesar thinks of way out, and recalls Ambika’s words. She thinks if water supply is stopped then someone will think about the tank. Suraj and Ambika search for Kesar. Jayati finds water not coming and asks someone to check. Manoj Bhai comes to the tank and opens the lock. He is about to find Kesar, when Dhruvi comes there and asks him to go and give prasad to everyone. She steps on the stairs and sees Kesar drowning. She closes the lid. Kesar gains consciousness and shouts Masu. Evil Dhruvi and Hetal sign each other.

Episode ends.