Radha Mohan 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Kadambari offers to join hands with Radha against the fake Tulsi

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Tulsi gets emotional seeing Radha Mohan together and says it cannot happen, she is about to fall so Mohan tries to walk near her but she stops him from even walking towards her, Tulsi says that Radha called her here so she can prove that she is not Tulsi and to prove to her that she is the wife of Mohan but Tulsi vows that she will prove to Mohan that Radha is not as good as she pretends and today she will ruin all the respect and love she has in the heart of both Mohan and Gungun even if she has to risk her own life for it. Tulsi while crying looks at Radha Mohan saying it cannot happen, she runs out of the Mandir while Mohan lets go of the hand of Radha to follow her, Radha gets worried holding the Mangal Sutur.

Tulsi is running down the stairs of the Mandir while Mohan is following her, she holds both of her ears while standing in the middle of the road, Mohan calls her from the corner of the road, he sees a car coming towards Tulsi who keeps standing in the middle of the road, Mohan runs to Tulsi while Radha gets worried for Mohan jee, she is shocked but sees that Mohan and Tulsi both are safe on the other side of the road. Mohan demands that Tulsi open her eyes assuring nothing has happened to her, Radha asks Mohan if he is fine but he picks Tulsi in his arms and runs to the car while Tulsi with a smile on her face is looking at Radha, Mohan quickly seats Tulsi in the passenger seat of the car, Tulsi says that Radha has herself given Mohan to her and now she will never get him back, Radha keeps calling Mohan who sits in the car and drives away leaving Radha standing there, holding the Mangal Sutur in her hands.

Mohan walks into the hospital holding Tulsi when the ward boys come with a stretcher, the doctor asks Mohan what happened when he says that Tulsi is unconscious, he informs that she just came out of the coma and the doctor said that she should not suffer any mental trauma when the doctor asks if Mohan can contact the old doctor who was treating her, Mohan tries calling him.

Kadambari wonders what would bee gong on there, Gungun asks why is she worried and should not listen to anything that Kaveri says as it is her habit to make others get tensed, Ketki gets a call from Mohan bhai and answering ti is worried while talking about the hospital, Kadmabari asks what happened when Ketki informs that Tulsi Bhabhi has seen Radha and Mohan bhai take the ritual of circling, they all are shocked. Ketki informs how when Mohan Bhai was about to give his vow, Tulsi Bhabhi saw them both together and she ran out of the Mandir in panic due to which she was even about to get in an accident but Mohan Bhai managed to save her and then she is in the ICU, Gungun says Ramaa would never do it on purpose.

Mohan is waiting outside the ICU, Radha comes behind him asking if he did not get hurt, Mohan says he cannot understand what to do and had he not reached on time then Tulsi would be harmed, he goes to sit on the bench when Radha seeing his condition sits in front of him requesting to be calm, but he does not know it when Mohan wonders how did Tulsi find out the truth about them both, he says that she would have told Gungun and why did she do it. Radha says that Gungun has not done anything, he wonders how did Tulsi find out and then concludes that Radha did it, she accepts she is the one who called Tulsi to the Mandir so she can with her own eyes see what is their relation and understand it, so all this happened due to her. Mohan gets up saying he cannot believe she would purposefully harm someone.

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Kaveri angrily says she would have to accept it, ketki demands kaveri should get away from Gungun, Kaveri wonders how will her mind understand that Radha is not like as Gungun feels because first the biggest enemy of Radha was her daughter Damini but now the biggest enemy is the mother of Gungun meaning Tulsi, and she would have to accept that just as Radha ousted Damini from the life of Mohan then she can go to any extend to get rid of Tulsi and accept that Radha is a mistake. Kaveri says they heard that her daughter Damini fell from the bridge but did anyone see it mentioning only Radha saw it, and it would not be a coincidence that Radha had pushed her daughter in the hill, Kadambari asks Kaveri to stop but Kaveri says she should try to understand explaining Tulsi was in a coma for eight years and has finally returned so her mental health is not right now, and to see that her husband married a servant is not good for her mental condition. Kaveri says it might be possible that Radha had planned it all to get rid of Tulsi. Vishwaniyat warns Kaveri to not utter even a single word as would they even go to the hospital since Mohan is alone there, Gungun wonders if Ramaa has done it purposefully.

Radha accepts she did it purposefully as she cannot bear that Mohan is struggling for a fake person and not able to live in peace, Mohan demands that Radha should stop calling Tulsi a fake person and he knows she will not like Tulsi with the conditions of their house, he explains Tulsi is fighting for her life in the ICU so she should not at least say anything bad for her. Mohan is furious at Radha when the doctor comes out, Mohan asks how is Tulsi so the doctor asks how can they be so careless revealing the effort o the past eight years could be ruined and what sort of shock did they give her, Radha remembers what she did in the Mandir. Mohan apologizes assuring they would take care of her, Radha yells at the doctor asking how much money did the women give her to lie, Radha assures she would give twice the amount and he should tell the truth as she is not Tulsi but just acting. Mohan stops Radha assuring the doctor that they would take care of Tulsi, Radha says that she has herself saw Tulsi even if she could not see her alive but she saw her ghost. Kadambari calls Mohan when Gungun runs to hug Mohan, she asks if her mama is fine and would she not leave them again but Mohan assures that her mama would get fine. Radha calls Gungun however Mohan explains that if she cannot stay quiet then must leave from here, he turns to show Gungun her mother, Kadmabari pushes Radha into the room asking what was the need to tell Mohan the truth about the Aatma of Tulsi, Radha replies that she knows that fake Tulsi would be a harm for her family so she cannot let it happen however Kadmabari replies she does not care for the family of Radha and just knows that if fake Tulsi manages to oust Radha then she will eventually come after her children which she cannot allow so it is time that they both join hands against the fake Tulsi, Radha is shocked when Kadambari asks if she will join hands with her.