Mera Balam Thanedaar 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Devender stops Bulbul from revealing truth to Veer

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Mera Balam Thanedaar 12th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Bulbul telling that the guy who risked his life to catch the racket of the people to get the minor girls married. She says he doesn’t know that his own wife is a minor. Devender gives a shawl to Veer. Amber comes there and makes him eat sweets. Devender thinks this is the last chance for him to get rid of Mangal’s loan. Veer asks where is Bulbul? Devender tells that Bulbul must have gone to temple with her mother to do puja of our devta. He says even you have to come. Veer says lets go. Gita tells Bulbul that she tried to tell Veer and wrote letter to him, but it was burnt. She tells that then Devender told her and a fb is shown, Devender tells her that 6 months difference is not big and Veer will protect her from Ratan, else dont know what he will do with Bulbul after he comes out. he asks Gita to agree, else he will poison Bulbul and kill her, as he can’t face the humiliation. Fb ends. Bulbul tells Gita that lie is a lie and she will not hide this from Veer. She says I will tell him that he married a minor unknowingly. Devender and Veer come there.

Devender asks what you are saying? He thinks it is good that Veer got a call and went. He takes Bulbul from there and scolds her, asking her to go to her sasural silently, else she knows what he can do with her. Bulbul shouts telling that she is not afraid of him, and totally he lost respect in her eyes for him, for ruining her childhood and for lying to Veer about her real age and cheating with him. She says she will go and tell him. Devender stops her and says then I will show that the real guilty person is your mother, who has burnt the marriage certificate. He tells that Gita will be jailed then. Gita says you asked me to burn the birth certificate.

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Devender asks what is the proof? He says he will show this to Veer. Veer is coming there. Devender asks Bulbul if she can see her mother handcuffed. Gita tells that she will not hide anything and is ready to bear the punishment. Devender tells that even Bulbul’s sasural people will be punished and jailed. He asks her to be silent or ruin Veer’s respect. Veer hears and tells that it is wrong to marry a minor. He says even Police can’t be spared, this thing is proved today. He tells that DSP Rana Chundavat’s crime was proved and he will be punished. He thanks Bulbul for helping him to stop the mass marriage and thanks her. He says lets go for puja. They do the aarti and puja. Bulbul thinks what to do, if she tells the truth then her mother and sasural will be punished.

Precap: During taking the rounds, Pandit ji asks them not to stop. Veer gets hurt while saving her.