Rabb Se Hai Dua 3rd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Hina talks to Dua for the first time lovingly


Rabb Se Hai Dua 3rd December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

The doctor tells Gazal to stay with Hina. Dua says she won’t go near her. The doctor says she should stay with her to make her fine. The flashback shows how Gazal met with the doctor and begged him to listen to her, she says Hina tried to kill herself because of Dua only. She plays Hina’s voice recording that Dua tried to kill her and she would commit suicide. The doctor believes her. Hina wakes up and says Gazal? Gazal panics if she tells them the truth then I am gone. She tells the doctor that she is crying for me only. The doctor asks Hina how did she fall down? did someone try to kill her? Hina recalls Gazal pushing her from the stairs and says I.. I was going behind Haider and fell down the stairs. I just want to rest. Gazal thinks she has lost her mind. The doctor says she is not mentally stable, she has lost some of her memory. Gazal smirks and says don’t tell this to her family, you know Dua tried to kill her and she would take this opportunity. Please tell them that I will stay with Hina. The doctor says you have proven that Dua is her enemy, you will stay with her, the flashback ends. Dua tells Haider that I don’t understand why Hina wants Gazal with her. The doctor tells Gazal to stay with Hina all the time, he leaves. Ruhaan says I will throw this Gazal out. Dua says we can’t give stress to Hina, even if we have to bear this Gazal because of Hina then we will do it. Dadi says she is right.

Gazal and Ajaz are going somewhere. She says if Hina gets her memory back then she will expose me, we have to do something. Ajaz says what will you do? Gazal says we have to kill her. Ajaz says the family won’t leave her in the hospital. Gazal says once she comes back home then I will kill her.

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Ruhaan is making Hina eat her food. Haider thinks I want her to be okay now. Dua sees them and prays for Hina. The doctor comes there and tells Haider that he can take Hina home, she is out of danger now. It will be better for her to go home and rest. You have to take care of her. Haider thanks him and he leaves. Hina hugs Haider and says be happy. Haider says I am very happy. Ruhaan tells Hina to be fine now, I won’t let you do anything at home. Haider says Dua will be there to take care of her. Dua will bring happiness back into our house. Dua is elated to hear that Hina is fine. Hina asks her why is she standing outside? Dua gets emotional hearing her call her. Hina says come my child. Dua goes to her and hugs her tightly. Hina says don’t cry, be happy. I want my family to be happy. This Haider doesn’t eat his food so I have to keep running behind him, I was running behind him that day and fell down the stairs. I am hurt because of that. All are confused hearing that. Hina says I will be fine now. Rahat asks what is she talking about? Hina says I am in the hospital because I fell down the stairs. Dua tells Haider that I don’t understand what she is talking about. Haider says she fell down the stairs years ago, I think she lost her memory. Dua recalls Hina panicking seeing Gazal’s face but then calling out to her. Dua thinks why isn’t Hina exposing Gazal? maybe she lost her memory and doesn’t remember what Gazal did with her. We have to bring her memory back.

The episode ends.