Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 3rd December 2023 Written Episode Update

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Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 3rd December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Virat looks at Amrita going with her luggage and thinks if she has money to spend on a hotel then she should pay for the party mess. He says I am coming in a bit. He goes to Amrtia and stops her. He sees her luggage and says you might be going on a vacation but you have to pay for our fees. Amrita says I will do it later on. Virat says are you trying to run away? Amrita says I am not the one to run. Virat shows her the bill and says then pay for this. Shekhar tells Nimrit that he will make her cry for hurting you. Amrita asks Virat he wants 40K? He says you can give me the guarantee that you will pay by signing it. Amrita shouts that I am not a cheater, I will sign it. She takes the bill and writes her details. She angrily leaves. Virat looks on and reads her name written wrong.

Harsh brings a rickshaw and puts Amrita’s luggage inside. Bhavani cries looking at her house and sits in the rickshaw. They all leave. Amrita calls the hotel and asks about her reservation. She confirms it. Harsh says we don’t have much money. Amrita says I have a voucher that we can use. Bhavani says you wanted to use it to celebrate your father’s birthday but we will party for my breakup. Amrita tells her to stop crying, everything will be fine, your kids are with you. Bhavani nods and holds their hands. Amrita sees Virat’s car stopping beside them. Amrita says is he following us? She looks away. Virat thinks that girl insulted me, I won’t spare her. He drives away and the mud falls on Amrita’s face.

Virat arrives to the hotel, Rajiv and others welcome them. Virat gives money to the valet and asks him to protect his car.

Amrita arrives at the hotel with Bhavani and Harsh. Bhavani argues with the driver over fare but Amrita tells her to stop worrying too much.

Nimrit apologizes to Rajiv because of the yacht incident, we have taken measures against that girl. Virat comes there and says lets go for the party. Virat goes to a corner and tells Shekhar that they will start their own party, he drinks alcohol and leaves from there.

The guard doesn’t let Amrita, Harsh and Bhavani enter the hotel. Amrita says we have booked a room here. Virat sees her and asks Shekhar what is she doing here? she has money if she can book a room here. He asks him to go and order an expensive alcohol. The guard checks Amrita’s reservation and apologizes to them. The manager comes there and scolds the guard. Amrita says its okay, he judged us by looking at our clothes but we don’t know people’s history so its okay. Even sophisticated people called me cheap. Virat hears that and says she is taunting me indirectly.

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Amrita tells Harsh to sit with Bhavani in the lobby, I will get the keys. She goes to the receptionist and asks for her room key. She starts filling out the form, Virat comes there so she says you are here too? are you following me? Virat says you owe me money and I won’t spare you. Amrita says I will give you money but just leave me alone. He says fine. The receptionist gives the key to Amrita and she leaves. Shekhar comes there and tells Virat that they have started drinking without you. Virat goes to the receptionist and says we ordered some alcohol, can you please send it to my friend’s room, her name is Amrita.

Harsh tells Bhavani that you knew about his affair but you never told us. Bhavani says I did it for your and Amrita’s benefit. Harsh says that’s why we are in this hotel room today, you could have raised your voice, that girl is Baba’s girlfriend, why did you not take a stand? Amrita comes there and says it wasn’t easy for Ayi, this is all happening because he cheated on her, its not her fault. Harsh says what will we do now? Bhavani says I will talk to your father, when I found out about this girl for the first time, he insulted me so much but I handled everything because he loves you both. I begged him to not leave me and he agreed so I will beg him again to take us back. Amrita says you want to beg him even after he cheated on you? I won’t let you do it. Bhavani says don’t bring ego in this. Amrita says you have done enough for your kids but its your kids’ time to do something for you and we won’t let him shatter your self-esteem.

The episode ends.