Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Dadi tells Dua about Kaynaat’s pregnancy


Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Dua tells Hamida that I have to go and check up on Ravi, she leaves.

Hina tells Gazal that once this baby is aborted then I will have peace. Dadi hides and hears that. She thinks to tell Dua and goes to call her. She trips and screams.. Hina, Gulnaz and Gazal see her. Dadi tries to run but they all grab her. Gulnaz says don’t run in this age. Dadi pushes her away and says I know your plan now, you people want to abort Kaynaat’s baby. Hina says Kaynaat have done a sin so don’t stop us. Dadi slaps her hard and says you are not human anymore, you want to abort her baby without even telling her, this is a sin, how dare you kill a baby. Hina says I don’t know what’s right or wrong but I won’t let Hafeez destroy her life, I will kill that filthy baby. Dadi says I won’t let you. She tries to scream for Haider but they all grab her. they all bring her to the storeroom and tie her there. Ravi is there too. Hina says we have to do this for Kaynaat. Gazal takes her phone and says thank God she didn’t call Dua.

Otherside Dua is on the call and hears everything on Dadi’s phone. She says Kaynaat is pregnant.. Hina wants to abort the baby? I can’t believe this. She screams for Hafeez. He comes there and asks what happened? Dua slaps Hafeez and says you shouldn’t have done that. You should be ashamed. Hafeez asks what happened? Dua says you have stooped so low.. Kaynaat is pregnant, she is bearing your child. What did you do.. you crossed all limits. Hafeez says my Kaynaat? Dua says people want to kill your baby before its even born. Hafeez says what.. he falls down and says please save my baby. Dua says I want to beat you up more than Haider but that baby is innocent.. they are planning to kill it. Hafeez says please do a mistake. Dua says they have locked up Dadi and I can’t reach Ravi. Lets go there. They both leave. Hamida hides and hears all that. She says Kaynaat is pregnant with Hafeez’s baby and Hina wants to kill it..

Hafeez and Dua are going to Haider’s house. Dua says we have to do something. She calls Ruhaan but Gulnaz is coming there so he doesn’t take the call. Gulnaz asks him to come as they have to take Kaynaat to the hospital. Dua calls Haider. He cuts it and says I can’t be rude to her. Dua calls Kaynaat and says listen.. Hina comes there and takes her phone. Hina says this Dua has destroyed your life. She tells Dua to stay away from her daughter. Dua says please listen. Hina says stay away from us, don’t you dare come near my daughter. She ends the call. Kaynaat says at least listen to her. Hina says enough. I know you have been trapped by Dua, lets go for the hospital.

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Dua tells Hafeez that nobody is taking my call. She calls Haider again. He takes it and shouts to not call him, he says I am warning you to not call me again. He ends the call. Dua cries and says Haider shouldn’t have done this. Its about Kaynaat’s life. Otherside Haider recalls how he would take Dua’s calls in a heartbeat and would miss her if she wouldn’t call him at work. He says I am sorry but I have to do this for Dua.

Dua tells Hafeez to drive faster.

Ruhaan tells Gulnaz that he won’t go to the hospital. Gulnaz thinks she needs to take him as he might find Ravi in the house. Ruhaan says I won’t go with Gazal. Gulnaz says just come for Kaynaat. He says fine and goes with them.

Ravi tries to free himself and Dadi. He drags himself to her and asks if she is okay? Dadi says I won’t spare them. Ravi says they are going to commit a sin. Dadi says aren’t you injured? Ravi says I was acting as Dua asked me to keep an eye on this family. Ravi says Gazal wanted to kill me but Hina just locked me up here. Dadi says we have to do something to save Kaynaat’s baby. Ravi says we are locked here but let me see.

Gazal asks Hina how will we get the baby aborted? what if Kaynaat finds out? Hina tells Gulnaz and Gazal that she can’t let Dua win. Gulnaz says lets go before Haider comes and finds everything. Haider comes there and asks what happened? They are shocked seeing him there.

The episode ends.