Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti Consumes The Unlucky Laddoo


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Angoori tells Vibhu thats she’s preparing food. Vibhu advises her to think about something else. Angoori asks, what? Vibhu tells Angoori that they should practice for their Garba performance. Angoori agrees. Vibhu tells Angoori that the prize pool is really important for him, it will help him to repay his loan. Angoori agrees with him.

Saxena beats Teeka and Tillu because they humiliated him. Teeka and Tillu runs away. Saxena leaves. Rusa shows up and both of them get excited. Teeka and Tillu asks Rusa if she can play dandiya with them in the competition. Rusa says that both of them are weak. Teeka and Tillu denies and says that they are very powerful. Rusa tells them that fight in a competition against each other in term of power, and whoever will win, she will play dandiya with him.

Tiwari and his family are sitting in a puja at their house, to keep the sanctity and remove the negativity from Angoori. PanditJi asks Tiwari to put some money in the puja. Tiwari doesn’t give much money. Pandit demands 5000 rupees from him. Ammaji starts slapping Tiwari and he gives more money to the pandit. Pandit puts the money over a laddoo. Pandit asks Tiwari to get some gold to remove the greh from Angoori. Ammaji forces Tiwari to give the gold he’s wearing. Tiwari takes out his jewellery. Panditji completes his rituals and tells them that the laddoo over which every thing was kept is full of negative energy, and warns if somebody eats it, the person will get all the negativity released from Angoori.

Anu asks David if knows where Vibhu is? David denies. Anu tells that 25 lacs are on the line, and he should know where Vibhu is. Vibhu shows up. Anu tells Vibhu to put focus on Dandiya because it’s the most important thing in his life for now. David also agrees with her. Vibhu tells David that he’s sick of dandiya, because shes always telling him to practice. David also agrees with Vibhu, and asks Anu if it’s real? Anu says that she’s doing this for all of them. Vibhu says that he’s starving. Anu denies and tells him to practice or else he wont be able practice properly.

Vibhu is pushing Prem’s scooter with Prem himself. Vibhu asks Prem that is all his money? Prem tells Vibhu that a lot of people take his scooter so he didn’t put fuel in it. Vibhu is still starving. He spots the same laddoo which was used in the puja to take out all the negativity. He picks up the laddoo and eats it.

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Teeka asks a person for a favour. He agrees with Teeka. Teeka gives him a rod and tells him to hit him when Rusa sits with him, and this rod will break into pieces and Rusa will thinks that he’s mighty. Teeka leaves after telling his plan. Now, Tillu shows up and gives him a real rod instead of the fake rod that Teeka gave him. He agrees with Tillu.

Vibhu and Angoori are ready for their practice at a lone place. They both starts playing dandiya. Both of them enjoys their time. A tree falls on Vibhu and he faints. Angoori gets terrified.

Teeka and Rusa are sitting together at tea stall. Rusa asks Teeka, why did he call her? Teeka tells Rusa that he will protect her in garba event. Rusa tells Teeka that he’s not that strong, but instead he’s a shallow person. Teeka calls the same guy he asked for the favour and asks him to hit him with the rod he’s carrying. He hits him with a real metal rod which Tillu provided him. Teeka starts acting different after he gets hit by a rod. Rusa leaves.

Angoori is practicing dandiya in her bedroom. She accidentally hits Tiwari. Tiwari tells her to keep on practicing because it’s important. Angoori says that it’s useless because she needs a partner to practice. Tiwari asks, what happened to Vibhu? Angoori tells Tiwari that a branch of tree fell over him. Angoori asks Tiwari to practice dandiya with her. They both start playing dandiya.

Vibhu is lying on his bed because he broke his nose. Anu is taking care of and tells Vibhu that he needs to still practice she will apply makeup to cover his nose.

PreCap: Anu says that if this keeps on happening Angoori and Vibhu will never win the competition. Tiwari says that Gupta and MasterJi will never make them winners. Anu asks Tiwari about Gupta’s weakness. Tiwari replies, his nurse. Anu orders him to kidnap her. Anu forcefully sends Vibhu for the practice. Vibhu slips and falls from the balcony. Tiwari goes to kidnap the nurse, but everyone starts beating him.