Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Poonam and Raj get locked in the house

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Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 28th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Poonam says this isn’t trust. Shaina says what are you doing in Raj’s room then? Poonam says I was carried in this box. I fell in it and Raj was just helping me out. Shain says you’re trying to trap a rich man using your age. Raj says shut up Shaina. She is clumsy, she was in this box. I don’t know how. Raj shoves her out. Poonam says to Raj please trust me. I saw Shaina myself. She was with Vicky. He says stop it. Stop accusing her. This is too much. Poonam says please trust me. He says enough now. Stay out of my family matters. I will kick you out of this job. Poonam says I don’t know how to expose her.

Gururaj asks Raj what is happening in this house? She’s creating drama every day. Why don’t you fire her? Sumitra says I wanted to keep her here as well but we’ve to ask her to leave now. It’s a wedding house, what if someone gears all that? Raj says she’s stupid. It was an accident. She has to stay here for Kohu. Sumitra says we can’t keep ignoring her mistakes. Gururak says guests are coming soon. Shaina says we shouldn’t waste our time on that mind. Dont worry.

Scene 2
Poonam comes out of the shower in a towel. Vicky takes her photos in the towel. He comes into her room. Poonam is scared. She says go from here. Why are you here? He says I am here to see you. She says to stay away from it. poonam says go away from me. She tries to fight him off. Raj comes outside. Vicky tries to come close to Poona. Poonam screams for help. Vicky says don’t shout. Call Mr. Raj. No one would come. Rja is outside. Poonam screams. Sumitra takes Raj inside. Vicky takes Poonam’s pictures and leaves. Poonam is worried.

Scene 3
There’s smoke all over the house. poonam says there cockroaches all over the house. I called the fumigation team. Shaina says who are you to decide that for our family? We have guests coming over. We can’t leave the house. Poonam says so guests will live with so many cockroaches? Sumitra says we can’t go out of the house. Raj says there are many cockroaches in the house. Let them fumigate. We have to go out of the house. Kohu can get sick. He says someone might have a dust allergy. Poonam sees flashbacks of Raj having a dust allergy.

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Everyone leaves the house. Shain calls Vicky and says this girl is the biggest problem right now. I want to kick her out. I wanted to do my packing but she ruined my plan. Everyoen leaves the house. Poonam also comes inside the house. She looks for different papers. She sees Shaina’s flight tickets. She says this means Shaina wants to run away before the wedding. She says I should do these proofs to Rja. She comes downstairs to look for Rjaj. Shaina leaves as well. Nirvan looks for Raj. Raj is in the study. The door is locked. Poonam comes there. She says Mr. Raj. he says what are you doing here? She says I came here to show you the proof. He says are you crazy?

A candle falls on the curtain. Poonam says to call someone and ask them to open the door. You broke my phone. I can’t even talk to my sister. She was coming to meet me. Raj says let me think. Poonam looks at them. She says my name means moon. What’s the meaning of your full name? He says moon. She says we have the same meanings. Raj recalls Purnima also meant moon. Raj says why did you say that? he gets angry. Poonam says I am sorry. He says we’re locked here and you’re telling me rubbish things. The house catches fire outside. Poonam says do you hear something? he says stop irritating me. The house is on fire. Poonam says are you not hungry? She falls asleep. Raj turns off the lamp. She’s about to fall asleep on Raj’s arm. Raj recalls Purnima saying she would come back. He sees the scar on Poonam’s cheek. He’s shocked.

Episode ends

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