Mangal Lakshmi 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Everyone loves the food Mangal cooked

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Scene 1
Mangal says we made the food. Adit says but all caterers left. She said yes Lakshmi and I cooked. Adit recalls insulting her. Mangal says when I saw Somiya getting worried because food wasn’t coming we decided to make the food. We can’t let the guests leave without food. Kusum says well done. You’re the Lakshmi of our house. I was so scared, that some people decided to get Adit insulted today. She says you’re his true partner. God bless you. You saved our respect. She asks Adit if am I right. He says yes, I hope they like the food. Somiya is angry. Somiya asks what did you cook? Mangal tells all the desi dishes she made. Somiya says to Adit is this what you wanted to feed boss? Adit says what can I do? Boss isn’t used to Indian spicy food but there’s no other option. Mangal says I added a few spices only. Adit says how did you cook so much food? Will it be short? Mangal says no we cooked a lot. Somiya says we were so stressed. You could at least tell us. Adit was very worried as well. What if he had a heart attack Mangal says don’t say that. Adit says it’s fine. It’s all handled now. I was so worried that the boss would eat without eating. At least there is something to serve now. Magnal says I didn’t tell you because you asked me to not worry you. you were trying to order so we also tried. It was a backup. If you had ordered, we’d serve that. Let’s eat now.

Mangal sees everyone enjoying the food. She gets happy. Shanti says to Lippika you’re eating here. Go and talk to the guests with Mangal. See how Lakshmi is pleasing everyone. Lippika says I don’t need to impress anyone. See how good-looking I am. Lakshmi says to Mangl you look so happy. Adit will realize how lucky he is today. Somiya almost got him insulted in front of everyone. you saved the day. And she was showing ego to you. Mangal says Adit said it, and it’s fine. We had to do our work. Adit is happy. That’s all I want. Lakshmi asks why were you crying? Did Adit say anything? Mangla says husband and wife argue but they fix everything. See how happy Adit is. Somiya hears it, and she’s upset.

Scene 2
Karthik and Gaitri eat the food together. He says the food is so tasty. Gaitri says Mngal and Lakshmi cooked so much together. He says someone has such a good heart. Gaitri asks who? He says, my mom. He hugs her. He says you did the right thing by giving Lakshmi the necklace. We fixed our mistake. She says I had a misunderstanding. Karthik says I wanted to talk to you about something. There is someone. Gaitri coughs. Karthik gives her water. He says we will talk when you’re done with eating. Gaitri is worried about what will she do when he talks about Jiya again.

Karthik gets a call. he says I’ve been trying to talk to her but she’s not talking to me. She has too much ego. I said sorry many times. Lakshmi wonders if he’s talking about her. He says to his friend you know mom’s anger. I am stuck between both of them. I will talk to Mom soon about our wedding. Lakshmi is shocked. Lakshmi says is he planning to marry me? I have to stay away from him. Is he out of his mind?

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Scene 3
Adit’s boss says very delicious I am having this food after a long time. Wherever I come people only get Italian food for me. I am so bored of it. Adit you got me my country’s taste back. It reminded me of my mom’s cooked food. Thank you so much. His wife says Adit you’re lucky you eat such good food every day. He says yes I am lucky in this regard. Mangal gets happy. She smiles.

Somiya leaves in anger. Adit stops her. He says what happened? She says let me go. Adit says are you upset? He says who am I to be upset? I came as a guest and now leaving. I tried to help you with food but if they made a mistake how is that my fault? I am so upset. He says let it go. I know it wasn’t your fault. It’s fine, everything was managed. she says yeah Mangal managed it. I saw how happy you were. She’s your wife after all. He says come on. Do you think I was happy because Mangal handled it? I was happy because everything was managed in the end. Otherwise, we would get insulted. She says you won’t understand. Whenever I see you with Mangal I feel like she’s with you as a partner, not me. He says only you’re in my heart. No one else. Don’t you know that? She says it’s holi tomorrow. You will be with me not her. I will apply color to you first. He says but. She says yes but she’s your wife. She applies it first. He says when did I say that? I stay at home on Festial Amma likes that. If you don’t apply color I won’t let anyone put color on me. She says we will see. She leaves.

Scene 3
Mangal asks the kids to stop playing and sleep. She says we’ve to go for holi tomorrow. The kids are excited. Akshar says I will apply color on everyone. Mangal says we also used to enjoy a lot. She recalls enjoying holi before the wedding. She says everyone used to call me Holi Queen in Chandni Chowk. She recalls playing with Lakshmi. Mangal says I used to play holi a lot and apply color on everyone first. Ishana says what? we never saw yu playing holi. Mangal gets sad. She says you’re always busy serving anyone. Mangal says I sued to play a lot. ishana says we will only believe that when you apply color on papa. Akshar says yes apply color on papa tomorrow. Mangal says go and sleep. ishana says you can’t be holi queen. You’re scared of papa. Mangal says I just respect him. Akshar says all moms apply color just not you. Ishana says yes it’s your challenge. She says I will apply color on him tomorrow.

Episode ends