Parineeti 29th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti files for divorce

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Scene 1
It rains. Pari says to Chandrika when it rains without season, it’s not a good omen. She says my dada ji died the day when it rained without season. A relation was broken forever. Chandrika says it might happen again today. Between a husband and wife and 2 friends?

Pami is worried. Tao ji says I know you want to ask what are you thinking. She says ask then. Pami says I am happy Sanju is ready to accept Pari as his wife. He says he did that in anger. He wanted to shut up Neeti. What you’re thinking is a huge thing. I don’t know if it’d happen. Sanju loves Neeti a lot. I hope everything goes fine. This is getting very complex. we’ve to wait for them to make a decision.

Scene 2
Neeti looks at her things from Sanju, she sets them on fire. sanju cries on the way. He thinks about Neeti not holding his hand. Neeti cries. Sanju stops the car and cries as well. Sukwinder hugs Neeti. Neeti recalls Sanju calling Pari his wife.

Tao ji asks Amit what happened. He says Sanju is distraught. He needs our help. Tao ji says life has to keep going on. Pari asks why is God not fixing things for Sanju and Neeti. Bell rings. Pari says Sanju and Neeti are hopeful. she opens the door. It’s just Sanju. He walks in. Pami asks did Neeti not come? He says she won’t come. Pami says but.. Sanju says I don’t want to talk about it. Sukwinder hugs Neeti and says please sleep. Neeti says everything is over. Don’t cry. Sukwinder says I am your mom. Neeti says we’ve cried enough. our pain should also end. The Bajwa family will now know that losing peace is in life. Sukwinder asks what are you planning?

Amit asks Sanju if he’s okay. Sanju says I don’t want to talk about it. Amit says do you want me to stay here? Sanju says it’s all over. I wasn’t accepting it. Amit says so you won’t try again? Sanju says try what? Pari says to bring Neeti back. Sanju says I’ve tried enough, not anymore. Pari says I’ve to remove Neeti’s misunderstanding that I’ve not relation with Sanju. He’s her husband. Sanju goes after Pari and asks where ar eyou going? She says don’t worry. I will talk to Neeti. I will fix your relationship. He says it’sv over. Pari says it’s never over. She’s your wife. There are just misunderstandings I will fix everything. I will talk to her. Sanju says iit’s not that. Accept the reality. Neeti has gone far away from this amrrige. She doesn’t want it to work. Pari says she’s just angry. Sanju says if I felt 1% she wanted to work on I wouldn’t say all this. It’s not anger, it’s hate. She hates you, me and this family. Pari cries. Sanju hugs Pari as she cries.

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Scene 3
Sukwinder comes to Sanju’s house. Pami asks what happened? She says call Sanju. Pari comes. Sukwidner says where is your husband? Sanju says I am here. Sukwinder says we’re fine. No one is upset with you and Neeti parting. Pari says choti ma.. Sukwinder says I am not your choti maa. You’re neeti’s enemy. Don’t do this drama. You snatched my daughters’ happiness. I still thought you’d understand. I will take you with me, and take care of you. Ask Gurinder. You had other plans. You will regret. Pami says enough. Shouting wont’ solve anything. Sukwidner says you won’t understand. Pami says I am also a mother and I know shouting doesn’t solve anything. We only sit and talk here. Sukwidner says I came here to tell everyone if anyone cares about Neeti and Sanju in this house, come to court tomorrow. I know you are all tired after the party but court doesn’t care. Neeti has filed for divorce and we’ve got the date.

Episode ends