Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 30th November 2023 Written Episode Update: General lashes out at Kuldeep

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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 30th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Ranjha bids farewell to Beant and Navjot, seeking their blessings. He also says goodbye to Heer, but she notices something strange and follows him outside. Heer asks Ranjha why he didn’t bid her a proper farewell and apologizes if Navjot’s words upset him. She tells Ranjha that when she lights a diya in the fields with Beant Singh, she’ll visit his house for Diwali and requests him to prepare Dahi Bhalle for her. Ranjha is about to agree but hesitates, remembering Navjot’s words about Heer and Kuldeep’s potential marriage.

Ranjha suggests Heer light the diyas and return home to celebrate the festival with her family, but Heer insists that friends are family too and asks him to have Dahi Bhalle ready. Ranjha looks sad. Gurmeet informs Jasmin that Kuldeep asked him to call if he has any problems, believing Kuldeep will help him get PR for Canada. Jasmin advises Navjot not to entertain the Atwals too much. Navjot informs Beant Singh about the possibility of their Haveli being auctioned one day and asks him to keep it a secret from Heer. When Heer arrives, Beant Singh makes an excuse about buying a new suit for her as a surprise.

Kuldeep returns home, facing his elder brother’s anger. He asks where Kuldeep was all day and whom he gave the land papers to. Teji tries to calm the situation, and Janel is about to raise his hand on Kuldeep but gets stopped by Rajwinder. She wants to talk to Kuldeep alone in the room. Rajwinder reminds Kuldeep of their hard work and dedication that brought fame to the Atwals. Seeing a guitar on the wall, she recalls how Kuldeep wanted it after seeing a musician perform. Kuldeep talks to Rajwinder about Heer, believing she wouldn’t have denied a small piece of land as a Diwali gift.

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Rajwinder senses Kuldeep’s love and thinks it’s useless to talk to him. She decides to do something to ensure Kuldeep doesn’t become her weakness. Ranjha returns home, reflecting on Navjot’s and Heer’s words. Jasmin questions Heer about her feelings for Ranjha, but Heer insists he’s just her best friend. Guldasta encourages Ranjha to imagine someone, and Ranjha realizes he can only see Heer in his mind. Jogi and Guldasta celebrate Ranjha realizing his love.

Heer tells Jasmin that she doesn’t want to get married but only focus on her career. Rajwinder tries to find Beant Singh’s weakness. Heer overhears Beant Singh talking about a case concerning the Haveli. Despite Beant’s advice to focus on her studies, Heer requests to see the case papers.

Precap: Ranjha prays to God and says today is Diwali and I’ll tell Heer that I love her. He opens the door and finds Heer’s mother. She enters and says you are her best friend and we both want good for her, it better she gets married to Kuldeep Singh Atwal, she says sear on me that you will take Heer to Atwals house for the proposal.