Parineeti 27th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti suggests to get Pari’s DNA test done

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Scene 1
Rakesh says we will go far away. It will be just you, me and our child. Everyone is shocked. He says I’ve also decided the names for our child. Let’s go. Gurpreet says leave my daughter. Sanju shoves him and says don’t dare to touch Pari. Rakesh hits Sanju. Sanju hits Rakesh back. He says I will show you who I am. Amit stops Rakesh. Rakesh says I know Pari you get scared for me. I wont’ fight. Pari and I are one. Neeti says prove once that Pari called you here. He says Pari messaged me. See this, it says I am home alone. I said I am not well. You can come and we can enjoy this time. Neeti sent that message from her phone. Pari says this is a lie. Rajesh says this isn’t. You called me here. We spoke about our child. Pari says this is Sanju and Neeti’s child. Rakesh shouts and says enough. You can’t call my child someone else’s. Pami says what is he saying.

Neeti says we can clear it all. She says to Pami I can talk to you alone. Neeti says to Pami I wanna silent Rakesh so he doesn’t ruin Pari’s character. Gurinder says tell us what you want. Neeti says Pari should get her DNA test done. He showed us proofs so we can answer him back with proofs. I can’t gaurantee Pari didn’t send that message. We will get the child DNA’s test done and it would prove Rakesh wrong. Gurinder says no matter what he says I know that child is Sanju and yours. That’s our child. Rakesh is a liar. Gurpreet says Gurinder is right. Neeti says i know it’s our child. Pari can never do anything wrong. This test will only silence Rakesh. Pami says Pari will think we are doubting her. Who will convince her. Salojnaa says Pari can’t do such a big sin. Pami says never, Neeti says I know. I love Pari. But i’ve to answer that Rakesh back. I will talk to Pari and convince her politely.

Neeti talks to Pari. Neeti says I hope you don’t mind. Pari says I won’t. Neeti says Rakesh tried putting us all in doubt. We all know and trust you. But you should still prove this is our child. Pari says dont’ you trust me? NEeti says I do but we’ve to shut up Rakesh. We can silence him forever. We have to get a DNA test done to prove this is our child. Pari says why do we need to? Neeti says Rakesh can defame you in the whole city. They will all say you’ve an ilegitimate relation with Rakesh. Sanju says I will break face of whoever says that. Salojna says how many people will you shut up? Neeti says it’s about Pari and our family’s reputation. He can ruin her and ouor name. Sanju says I am not in favor of DNA test. Pari says Neeti is right. We’ve to shut him up. SAnju says don’t be stupid. She syas I don’t want anyone to question this family because of me. Sanju says are you sure? She says yes. Pari says let’s go Neeti. Salojna says to Neeti what are you doing? Neeti says I’ve spoken at the lab too. Pami says I am not feeling good. Salojna says it’s to protect herr own name. We’ve to answer him back.

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Scene 2
Rakesh says why are you all looking at me? Simi says what will you take to shut up? He says Pari’s hand. Gurpreet says shut up. Sanju says he will silenced shortly. Rakesh says you can give me Pari’s hand withoutt anything. Let’s go Pari. Sanju says Pari isn’t alone. We’re all with her. No one trusts you. To prove you wrong we will get Pari’s DNA test done so everything is clear. Neeti says I will also go. Rakesh says to Gurpreet sasu maa see you soon. She says get lost. Pami says neeti suggested it and it’s right. We’ve to protect Pari’s name. Salojna says but how did he have message from Pari’s number? How did he come in? Gurpreet says anyone could have messaged from her phone. Anyone can make keys and break in. Chandrika in Pari’s abortion someone might have messaged from your phone. She says what message? Pami says let it be. Gurpreet says no what message? Pami says let it be.

Scene 3
Sanju, Rakesh, Neeti anad pari come to the hospital. Sanju says don’t look here. Rakesh says I can see wherever I want. I’ve see Pari way closer. It’s personal between us. Sanju hits him. He says I wont’ leave you. Rakesh says calm down.

Episode ends

Precap-Pari says to Sanju you care so much for me. It will get very difficult for me to go away from you. The reports come, Neeti reads it and says it’s positive. This child is Rakesh’s.