Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Bala sees his wife with another man.

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In this episode, Ramji tells Rama that everyone will be upset about Bhim Rao’s absence, he is the pride and happiness of everyone here. Annand thinks that they need to keep the pain inside them. Lakshmi assures that they will live together and share the pain.

Jijabai waits for everyone to return so that she can send Karuna to the market. They all come back. Meera asks about Bhim Rao’s paper. Lakshmi informs that Rama and Karuna found a solution. Hitesh questions. Anand tells that Bhim Rao will stay inside the college for the rest of the day.

Jijabai comes to Karuna in the kitchen asking her to bring vegetables of their share. Karuna can say that to Bala, who will make a mess because he shares the expense of Ramji’s medicine. Karuna is here to fight Ramji war, but she will bring vegetables, especially Jijabai’s favorite. Karuna leaves. Jijabai sends Bala to bring vegetables as well. She waits for them to meet in the market, her plan will ruin their relationship. She will then see what Bhim Rao will do, focus on his papers of grief over his brother’s broken home. Meera questions her, asks her to think about others. Jijabai cannot do anything other than grief for having a family member like Meera. Meera is no longer effected by such sentences, Jijabai has nothing to say, asks Meera to see. Meera came from outside, heard people tell that Bhim Rao will be pride for lower caste. Jijabai doesn’t care, Bhim Rao’s graduation will do no one any good, they don’t have to make a fuss about it. Meera completes her sentence, tells that she heard people say that Jijabai’s son will graduate. Shoba intervenes agreeing with Meera, she heard the same thing, Jijabai should be proud of it. Jijabai can not be happy for someone who ruined her life, Meera leaves with Shoba. Jijabai is a hopeless case. Jijabai will never change; she waits to know about the incident in vegetable market.

Karuna buys vegetable, she bumps into a man. The man helps Karuna picks her vegetable, Karuna questions the man for staring at her. The man thinks that a vegetable rain would be better, in that way people can pick their own fruit. In that rainfall there would still be one vegetable that no one will pick, bitter gourd. The man introduces himself as Sumit. Karuna tells her. Bala sees them, wonders about the man his wife is talking to. Shishupal comes to Bala telling that it’s an old saying about a girl being suspicious when she laughs at another man’s joke. Bala didn’t ask for his advice. Shishupal was on his way but saw Bala and his wife laughing with another man. it doesn’t seem by the look of it that Karuna met the man for the firs time. Shishupal wouldn’t forgive his wife for such deviousness. Karuna leaves.

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Bhim Rao sits in his classroom. Rama brings him food. Ramji asks why he is worried. For the first time Bhim Rao can see feel this college being safe because he is alone in it. He wants to make college a safe place for lower caste as well. He hopes to make a hostel for lower caste, where they can live and study to avoid the struggles of daily commute. Rama questions his plan; how they can find place to build hostel for lower caste where they aren’t even allowed to live. Bhim Rao assures, he is determined to execute his plan. Bhim Rao thanks Rama for making him stay in college, now he is able to understand the need for a hostel. He will fight for it. Ramji supports him. Bhim Rao should tell people that Rama had an equal share in it. Bhim Rao assures, she serves him food.

Shishupal informs Vaijnath about the perfect execution of their plan. Vaijnath praised Summit for setting the right amount of fire, Bala will slowly burn in it. The smoke will hurt others, especially Rama and Bhim Rao. Vaipal tells that there are two guards standing outside the college to protect Bhim Rao, they cannot reach inside to stop Bhim Rao from giving more exams. Vaijnath decides to change their course of action.

Ramji takes the utensils. Bhim Rao asks what Rama will do here, Ramji leaves. Rama asks him to say it again. She writes on the board all the reasons for which she will stay here. Bhim Rao keeps watching her explain the reasons.

The Episode Ends.