Parineeti 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Pari tries to support Sanju in jail

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Scene 1

Madhu tells the inspector that she was in the party and Sanju came to her, he as drunk and took her to the room, I tried to run away but he molested me. Pari  says she is lying, my husband didn’t do anything wrong. Neeti says she is trying to frame him, Sanju is innocent. Vishal asks Shelly why is your fiance taking Sanju’s side? tell her to shut up. Madhu tells the inspector to file her FIR and let her go. Tayaji says how can you take her words against Sanju without any proof? Pari says she is lying. Madhu cries and says I just want to go home.

Sanju is locked in the cell, he wakes up and looks around. He screams for Pari and asks why is he locked here? He asks what did I do? The inspector says you tried molesting a married woman. Sanju says she is lying, I didn’t do anything, please trust me. The inspector says you want me to trust you? you are the same man who married 2 women at the same time.

Tayaji comes to meet with the lawyer, the lawyer says you should settle this out of court, you can request Madhu to take the case back, its difficult to bring Sanju out by fighting with her. Monty says enough, you think Sanju has done it? he is innocent and we will fight this. He leaves with Tayaji.

Pari tells Vishal that his wife is lying. He says you want me to listen to you over my wife? Monty comes there and says don’t worry Pari, the truth will come out soon. Vishal says I will make sure he gets punished. Pari says the truth will come out soon, she requests to meet with Sanju. She goes to him and he says trust me, I didn’t do anything wrong, they have framed me. Pari says I know that, I trust you completely. He says thank you. Pari says I trust you more than myself so don’t worry. Neeti is angry seeing them. She think to free Sanju and then he will be impressed by her. Madhu goes to the washroom in the police station.

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Scene 2

Bebe thinks Sanju has crossed all limits today. She tells Pami to calm down, Sanju has done what he wanted to. Pami tells her to shut up. Chandrika consoles Pami and says everything will be fine soon so don’t worry. Amit calls Tayaji but he is not picking up.

Madhu is in the washroom and starts laughing evilly, she says I framed Sanju and nobody can find the truth. That Pari was begging for her husband and saying her husband can’t do anything like that but nobody can find out that I am not innocent. Sanju will be shamed in front of the world and I will walk away freely. Vishal knocks on the door and asks if she is okay? She comes out and hugs him, she says I can’t forget all that. Vishal says I will make sure he gets punished. She hugs him and thinks its so easy to fool men.

Sanju tells Pari that he is so thankful that she is supporting him, I can face any trouble if you are with me. Pari says we promised to support each other in any case, your troubles will have to go through me first. She wipes his tears and they both cry.

The episode ends.