Shiv Shakti (Zee) 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Mandira tries to frame Shiv for Gayatri’s death

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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 27th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Shakti is crying for Shiv, she tells Dadi that Shiv can’t do this, please let me go to him. Dadi slaps her hard and says I thought you loved Shiv, you would bring Shiv back to life but you have destroyed everything, you are responsible for Gayatri’s death. She cries. Mandira says we have to report to the police. Ragunath says call the police and tell them that I killed Gayatri. Dadi says don’t do this, Ragunath says Shiv is my son, he has lived in pain for years and just got married, he has a small son so I can’t let him be destroy his life like this, I will sacrifice myself for him. Shakti says Shiv can’t kill his mother. Ragunath says but he did. Shakti says this is wrong. Mandira says no one will take the blame for Shiv. I know you all are worried about Shiv, you all know I love Shiv more than anyone here but Shiv is not mentally stable so we should do what’s right. If we don’t tell the truth to the police then they will find out and we will all be in trouble. Shakti says she is right, call the police and they will find out that Shiv is innocent. Padma and Rimjhim drag her from there. Mandira calls the police.

Rimjhim and Padma are taking Shakti to a room, she pleads with them to let her go to Shiv but they don’t listen.

Manorama is worried that Shakti hasn’t called till now. She says should I call Gayatri? She says I need to call Shakti, I can’t wait anymore. She calls her but Rimjhim takes her phone and cuts it. They lock Shakti in a room without her phone. Manorama is worried and calls Rimjhim but she cuts it. Manorama is worried and says I am sure something is wrong.

Scene 2

Shakti is locked in her room and begs for someone to open the door.

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The police arrive at Shiv’s house. Mandira welcomes them and tells them about the murder.

Manorama calls the landline number, Padma takes it. Manorama says I want to talk to Shakti, Padma cuts the call without saying anything and leaves the receiver disconnected. Chacha tells Manorama that we should go there and check on them.

The inspector comes outside Gayatri’s room with Mandira. She opens the door to find Gayatri lying there but Shiv is nowhere to be found. All family members look around and are confused. The inspector checks Gayatri and asks who murdered her? Shakti is banging on her door so Dadi asks Rimjhim to bring her there. Shakti comes there and the inspector asks who is she? Dadi says she is her DIL. The inspector asks why they locked her in a room? Shakti says I got locked, we don’t know who got her killed. Mandira says but.. Shakti says trust them, they will find the real killer. She whispers to Dadi that if Shiv has done this then the inspector will find out so let them investigate. Dadi nods and tells the inspector that we found Gayatri killed here and no one was around her. The police start collecting evidence. Kartik comes there and asks what happened to Gayatri? Shakti says she is no more with us. They take Gayatri’s body away. Shakti thinks she is sorry, she couldn’t save Gayatri. The inspector leaves. Mandira finds her phone under the bed. She recalls sending a fake video of the goon to Shiv where he blamed Gayatri but he messaged her back that she couldn’t lie to him anymore, she is going to be exposed at any cost. Mandira tries to hide her phone but Shakti comes there and asks what’s this? she gives the phone to the inspector and asks him to find the real culprit soon.

The episode ends.