Parineeti 26th December 2023 Written Episode Update : Pari and Neeti both get trapped in fire.


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Neeti, angry walks with a candle in her hand and throws it away and a curtain catches fire. Neeti thinks of an idea seeing the curtain burn and walks away.

Taoji calls Parimindar aside and tells her that the whole vibe is reminding him of their jagrata night and she always stood with him and gave such beautiful family. Parimindar says to him, she could do this because she had his support and say she is missing Daljeet. Taoji says forget him. He doesn’t deserve all this. Parimindar asks Amit where are his decorators so that everything gets ready by evening. The decorators arrive, directed by Parminder’s instructions. Amit accidentally steps on Chandrika’s dhuppatta, and she misinterprets his action as a romantic move, prompting Gurinder’s reprimand. Neeti overhears Parminder’s urgency to finish the decorations for the impending wedding. Determined not to ruin the decor but plot against Pari, Neeti sees an opportunity to act when they leave for the rasam. Meanwhile, Pari refuses to join them.

Babli questions Pari about the pehras with Sanju, urging her to keep it a secret. Neeti took her place, unbeknownst to anyone. Monty prompts Pari to close her eyes as Sanju arrives, showing his affection. Neeti, frustrated, pours kerosene in Pari’s room, intending to set it ablaze after the family departs. Bebe spots Neeti and asks the decorators to leave temporarily, wanting to perform a ritual. She embraces Neeti, who reveals her plan against Pari.

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Sanju admits to Monty his prior fears about Neeti causing trouble at the wedding. Neeti realizes she can’t reconcile with Sanju and thanks the gods for their blessings. Gurinder invites neighbors to Sanju’s wedding, while Parminder excuses herself. Neeti cryptically shares her strategy with Bebe, indicating she won’t risk her life for Sanju but is ready to endanger others. She vows to stop the decorations and threatens to set the house ablaze, locking Pari in her room.

Bebe, shocked, learns of Neeti’s actions and the impending danger. Parminder returns home, and Bebe urgently warns her to leave. Pari notices smoke and soon sees the fire. Neeti watches the unfolding disaster, realizing both she and Pari are trapped in the flames.

Precap: Sanju opens the door and tries to get in to save Pari. Neeti says to Bebe that Pari ruined her married life and now she is facing the punishment. Pari faints, Sanju inside tries to save her but faints too.