Shiv Shakti (Zee) 26th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kertan plans to tell Shakti the truth about Shiv


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Shiv says he is sorry because he scolded and thank you because Nandu forgave him while god promise as he is never going to suspect him again.

Mandra touches the shoulder of Bua saying this is why she came crying to her, Mandra recalls when she was sitting on her chair and Bua singled her to remain quiet, then mentioned she made a very big mistake and went against her to become her enemy but now she has realized that her biggest enemy is Shiv, her Nandu stays around Shiv like a servant while both the father and son humiliate him whenever they desire and treat him like a servant but the innocent Nandu cannot even see the truth so if she stays with Mandra then no one would be able to raise even a single finger on them both so requests Mandra to forgive her, when she says that Padma came back to her and questions did she have to pay a lot for the truth, asking what was Padma saying that Shiv is the son of this house and they should not treat him like this, Mandra asks if the truth of Shiv has been revealed to her, she agrees to forgive Padma explaining that now she is on team Mandra and no one can do anything wrong, Padma got very excited and left after thanking her, Mandra thought that now the end of Shiv Shakti is near because this is why the list of their enemies is increasing so she just has to wait for the 10th January as the wedding night would be a black night.

Shiv is sleeping in his room when Kertan standing in front of him exclaims first Shiv snatched his hospital then the position of the MD while even his love Shakti, Ketan exclaims that no one deserves the love of Shakti more then him and he will be the only one married to her no matter what his mom says to him, Ketan slowly starts reaching towards Shiv who is sleeping, he then stops at the lst moment exclaiming he will not kill Shiv but attack his life line, Kertan looks at the console and slowly starts walking towards it, he is searching for a file but then makes some noise which irritates Shiv who turns, Kertan hides behind the couch while Shiv is sleeping.Kertan once again goes to the console taking out another file which he starts reading, he keeps checking the photo and stats smiling. Kertan exclaims Shiv desired that Shakti should get to know his truth but there is no reason to be worried as he is still present and will take this responsibility to fulfill his desire of revealing the truth to Shakti. Kertan starts remembering the child mentioning it is time for Kartik to meet his uncle, he exclaims Shiv was right to say that she will never marry him. Kertan takes out the photo of Kartik kayshup mentioning it is time for him to come out of the hostel. Kertan accidentally drops the photo of Gauri on the floor.

Shakti while talking to the photo of Gauri exclaims today was her Haldi but she should be happy as she is getting married to the person whom she loves but how does she feel that whenever she sees this dream someone comes to break it, she is even aware of the past of Dr Shiv but why was he constantly questioning what did she read in the letter and saying her decision was not right, she exclaims whatever is his tension then it even belongs to her so both the husband and wife join their pasts, so his past is also going to be her past. She says he should not fight it alone and even make her a part of his fight, Shakti wonder what can she do but thinks it is so late at night however realizes she is about to be his wife so has this much right. Shiv is sleeping when he wake up after getting a call from Shakti but accidentally drops the phone so sits beside his bed, he gets stunned seeing the photo of Gauri. Shakti puts down the phone thinking he might have fallen asleep but thinks he should not be worried as she is responsible for him and when the Bhagt of BholayNath takes any responsibility then they surely fulfill it, she lies on the bed saying I LOVE YOU DR SHIV.

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Shiv sitting beside the bed starts remembering the incident from his past where Gaytri was requesting hm to save her, he exclaims he hates himself for doing something so wrong, he hided under the bed apologizing but is not able to stop crying. Mandra and Padma are looking at Shiv, she says that she just increased the dose of his medicine so it will increase his phobia, she exclaims that she will once again increase it on the 10th of January which would ruin the wedding of Shiv Shakti, she asks Padma didi how it would be a black night.

In the morning Shakti along with Manaroma and pandit jee enter the house followed by Rimjhim and her brother, she takes the blessing of Dadi when Raghunath comes so she also takes his blessings, and he prays that she should live a happy life. Shakti then even greets Gaytri before going to kneel in front of Mandra to take her blessings, Dadi says Shakti forced them to wait for a long while and asks them all to come as they would start the ritual of Mehandi. Dadi asks why did it take them so long, Manaroma informs that the girls take a lot of time to get ready but Dharam mentions Rimjhim took so much time to get ready that they might plaster an entire house. Kertan coming mentions there was no need because a girl who is already so beautiful does not need anything, Dadi praises him saying he became a doctor by mistake, his father informs he got it from his father as he is also a poet for his wife. Kertan says that his father was a poet for his mother while he will be a poet to his Rimjhim, Mandra tells Kertan that he was not able to be a good doctor but can indeed be a good actor when Kertan says that Rimjhim always takes selfies but now he wants to takes selfie with her. Shakti tries to leave however Dadi says that she is the elder daughter in law and they would first apply Mehandi on her. Kertan informs Rimjhim he will post these selfies on the internet so everyone should know the status of Rimjhim.

Dadi comes to Shakti with the gifts that she has brought for her, Shakti gets very excited seeing them and praises Dadi who orders them to apply such Mehandi that her daughter in law looks the best. Shakti starts looking for Shiv when Dadi says that she should wait for some time as he will come and she asks Nandu to call his Shiv brother since Shakti is only looking for him. Mandra signals Padma who leaves when she tells Manaroma that it took a lot of time for her sisters to get ready so they should also give some time to Shiv, Manaroma agrees saying that he should surely take all the time he needs as then the public would praise them both as a couple.

Mandra goes to Kertan and Rimjhim and holding her hand mentions she is surely going to fulfill the ritual with the Mehandi that has the name of Kertan on it, he starts staring at his mother. Shakti vows to not let Kertan marry her sister as she knows it is some sort of plan of Mandra but she cannot allow her to ruin the life of her sister.