Parineeti 19th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanju saves Pari’s life again

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Scene 1

Sanju is sitting alone and recalls his moments with Neeti, he cries looking at her things. He turns to see Neeti there and is surprised. She asks why are you crying? He asks what is she doing here? Neeti says why are you crying? He says I don’t have know, you know the answer. Sanju puts her hand on his heart and asks if she doesn’t feel anything? Neeti says I can feel your heartbeat increasing. He says don’t remove your hand. Neeti gets emotional and tries to leave but he stops her and says you are with me that’s why my heartbeats started increasing, if you leave me then my heartbeats will stop. She says don’t say that. Sanju says I will die if you leave me. Neeti says I promise to never leave you, I missed you. They both hug each other but it turns out to be his dream. Bebe comes there and asks what happened? Sanju says leave me alone. Bebe takes puts his phone away and locks himself in his room.

Pari is cooking in the kitchen. Chandrika comes there and tells her to be happy. Pari asks if she has a friend who completes her? Chandrika nods. Pari says its Neeti for me, I can’t imagine a life without her, I will bring her back at any cost. Chandrika hugs her and says you are my friend, I can’t see you hurt. You can’t live without Neeti and I can’t live without you. Bebe comes there and asks Chandrika to go to Pami, she leaves. Bebe thinks once Neeti sees her then she will be angry. Once the fire starts then she will die.

Sanju tries to leave his room but its locked from outside. Sanju thinks if Pari is in danger?

Pari takes the matchstick and is about to light it. Bebe hides and waits fof it. She lights fire and a huge fire breakouts. She gets stuck in fire. Pami comes there and screams. All family members scream. Sanju breaks his door and comes there to find Pari surrounded by fire. He runs inside and covers her with his coat. Gurvindar calls fire brigade and asks him to be careful. Sanju lifts Pari and takes her from there.

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Sanju lies Pari on the bed. Pami sees Pari’s hands burned but she says I am okay. Chandrika says the doctor is coming. Sanju asks Pari how did fire breakout? Pari says it must be an accident. Pami says no.. I smelled room freshener there which can’t be a coincidence. Sanju calls the guard. He asks Pari if she is okay? she says please let me go.. till when you will keep saving me? you put your life in danger for me everytime. You have to think about your family and Neeti. The guard comes there so Sanju asks him to bring CCTV footages to him. Bebe panics and thinks she didn’t know about it. Bebe says I am feeling ill seeing all this. Pami asks Sanju when did he install cameras? Sanju says when I had a doubt that someone was trying to harm Pari.

The doctor checks Pari and says she is fine, she gives her some medicines. Bebe leaves from there. Pami leaves with the doctor. Sanju tells Pari to take rest. Pari says why you keep saving me? he asks if she is angry? Pari says if anything happens to you or Neeti then it won’t be good.

Neeti panics and tells Sukwindar that Bebe isn’t picking up phone. Sukwindar says I am not sure you are wrong.. its a sin to kill someone. You kept trying to kill her but you never succeeded and Sanju-Pari become closer everytime.

Sanju smiles and tells Pari that she looks cute when she is angry. He leaves. Pari looks on.

The episode ends.