Parineeti 17th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Shelly talks to Pari about Neeti’s feelings

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Scene 1

Pari steps near the bonfire and gets hurt by the glass pieces, she cries in pain and all rush to her. Sanju takes out the piece from her foot and says its fine. Shelly asks Neeti if she is behind this? Neeti says how dare you doubt me? She thinks its good she stopped Pari from taking pheras.

Neeti goes into a corner and says I can’t let Shelly find out the truth about Sanju and I. Shelly comes there and says let’s go for pheras, she says but.. Shelly grabs her hand and says we will take pheras at any cost.

Sanju cleans up Pari’s wound. Shelly brings Neeti there and she suddenly faints. The family go to check on her. Sanju is taking care of Pari, Pami smiles at them and thinks their love should be protected at all costs.

Shelly asks Neeti to wake up but she doesn’t. Sharda says what’s wrong with her? Shelly thinks if she is acting or really fainted? Monty tells Pari that Neeti fainted, she gets worried for her but Sanju tells her to calm down, the family is with her. He thinks Neeti did so badly with her but Pari is in my life now and I am so lucky. Pari tries to go to Neeti but Sanju stops her and says I will go and check. Pami says you both couldn’t even do pheras together. Sanju says don’t worry about that. He picks Pari up in his arms and says I will take pheras with her. Neeti wakes up hearing that. Shelly thinks she was pretending to faint, I am sure she is up to something. Neeti tells Sanju to take pheras later on when Pari is fine but Pami says no.. let them take pheras as this is a good time. Sanju takes pheras with Pari in his arms. Shelly asks Neeti if she is jealous of them? I wish we have a love like them, they are such a nice couple. Sharda asks Neeti to take pheras with Shelly but she says I think we should do these rituals after the wedding only.

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Sharda tells Shelly that Neeti is too involved in Sanju’s family, she keeps crossing the line with Sanju. Find out if she wants to marry you for real. I feel weird about her. Shelly thinks to talk to Pari.

Shelly comes to Pari and says he likes seeing her with Sanju. Pari says you look nice with Neeti too. Shelly says I feel like Neeti likes Sanju a lot, I try to ignore this thought but she is too close to him. Pari says I know Neeti and she has no feelings for Sanju, stop doubting her. He thanks her.

Shelly comes to Pami and says I want a sweets box for my family, Pami says I gave it to Neeti as you both are same now. Shelly says we aren’t till we get married. Neeti gets angry.

Shelly comes to Pami and says I want to ask something. What’s the relationship between Sanju and Neeti? I feel like she doesn’t want to marry me, she is never happy with me but she seems so happy with Sanju. Pami says to give her some time to understand you and stop thinking about Neeti and Sanju. Shelly says is there something that you are hiding? She says not at all. Shelly says you are like a mother so please tell me the truth. Pami thinks she can’t tell him as then he won’t marry Neeti and she wants her out of this house soon.

The episode ends.