Mera Balam Thanedaar 17th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Bulbul convinces Sulakshana

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Mera Balam Thanedaar 17th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Bulbul telling Veer that she respects him double seeing his care and respect. She salutes him and says I will study and will my 36 percent marks into 63 perdent. Veer asks what? Bulbul says I can’t do anything more, it is difficult for me to get even 63 percent. Veer laughs. Bulbul also laughs. Veer brings sweets home and tells that Bulbul got admission in Varnika’s college and tells that Principal sir was very impressed with her and gave her admission immediately. Vardhan appreciates Bulbul. Kaveri comes there. Bulbul takes her name. Veer touches Kaveri’s feet. Kaveri asks bulbul to take her blessings and tells her that troubles will increase for her. She asks if your Lakshmi/Annapurna will go to college and laugh with her friends, if she wants to become IPS officer like Veer. Bulbul says she is going to study and will earn 63 percent marks. Vishesh asks Veer why did she get her admission done. Varnika says he will be embarrassed because of her. Veer says he is proud of Bulbul, there is no age to study Bulbul is my wife and responsibility. He asks Sulakshana what is her problem, when she wanted educated bahu. Vishesh says it was her father’s responsibility and not ours, and you want to teach her, who just wanted to marry and her marriage happened. Bulbul says she has changed the ringtone. Vayu calls on her number. Ring tone I want to study….Veer tells that if Bulbul had not married me then she would have studied. Sulakshana says she will decide and tells that Bulbul will not go to college.

Veer packs bag for Bulbul’s college and says I will convince Maa, you will go to college. Later Sulakshana tells Bulbul that they have to do puja tomorrow at 8 am. Veer says Bulbul has to go to college. Sulakshana gets up and goes from there. Vishesh blames Bulbul. Veer also gets up from the dining table and goes. Kaveri instigates Sulakshana against Bulbul. Bulbul and Vardhan come to Veer Veer tells Vardhan that he just wants Bulbul to become competent. He goes. Dhristi tries to please Sulakshana and gives her milk. Sulakshana smiles. Vardhan asks Bulbul if she wants to study. She says she wants to study to become suitable for Veer. Vardhan asks her to go for it and think what to do? Kaveri comes to Dhristi and gives her idea, says if Bulbul goes to college then you will get a chance to win Sulakshana’s heart and to prove that she will be a better bahu.

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Reporters come home and tells Veer that he has taken a progressive step by sending his wife to college, but if his mother agrees. Vyom informs Sulakshana that Reporters have come. Vardhan says I will talk. Sulakshana says she will talk. She is going. Bulbul tells Vayu that she don’t want to study and tells that it is good that Maasa refused to send her to college. She says now Veer will be upset with Maasa and not her. Vayu appreciates her idea. Sulakshana hears her angrily and goes. Reporters ask what is her decision? Sulakshana says Bulbul will go to college. The reporters praises her for her progressive thought and leave. Veer thanks Sulakshana. Bulbul thanks the God and dances. Varnika and Vishesh get angry and goes. Sulakshana tells Bulbul that you wanted to make Veer against me, and asks her to go and study, and tells that she can’t stay in college in 2 days. Bulbul tells Vardhan that Maasa is very upset with her. Vardhan asks Bulbul not to worry. Bulbul asks who called the reporters. Vardhan says I have called. They laugh.

Episode ends.