Pandya Store 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update


Pandya Store 9th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Chiku saying Suman is asking wrong things to Esha. Esha says I was in need, and Chiku helped me, I don’t know anything except his name, I will go when I get fine. Natasha says she isn’t that girl, I thought I will give proof of my innocence if I get that girl. He asks what, is your Sasural troubling you again. She says no, He gets a call. He says I know I have to give 50000 rs, I will pay it, give the medicine, don’t argue. Natasha thinks how will everyone get managed now. Chiku asks her not to worry and go home before Suman sees her. Natasha hugs him and cries. She leaves.

Dhawal waits for Natasha. He calls Chiku and asks about Natasha. Chiku says she left long time back. Dhawal thinks to not tell anything. He says she has come, sorry to disturb. He ends call. Natasha says Makhwanas will get the store, I have to do job and help the family, I can’t use the money from account, that’s for Pandya store, I m not getting that girl, where shall I find her, Garba event will have cctv cameras, I will call the organizer right now. The man says Amrish helps us a lot and his son was kidnapped in front of us, we have lost the respect. Natasha thinks he will call Amrish if I ask him anything. He sees Natasha and asks her to come. She greets Jignesh. She says you had organized the event, can you show me cctv footage. He says yes, I will give it in the evening. She says don’t tell this at home, they will worry. He agrees. Natasha smiles and leaves. Amrish asks Dhawal where are you going. Natasha comes home. Dhawal smiles. They go to their room. Dhawal says it got late, where were you, its dinner time. She says I forgot to make dinner. She goes to the kitchen. He sits eating chips.

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