Keh Doon Tumhein 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Dev interrogates Bittu

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Keh Doon Tumhein 9th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Dev saying Bittu’s new name is Pawan Kumar, so Bittu wanted to fly away. He asks how did you get such costly things, even I don’t have it. Bittu worries. Dev smiles. Madhuri asks what happened. Neha says its not a bad news, it’s a good news, watch this. They see Bittu’s arrest news. Shreyas says finally, he got caught, it means the people of Panchghati and Kirti are safe, finally Anjali got justice, we should tell this news to Kirti, where is she. Madhuri says she would be with Sarkar, they would have seen the news, there is one more good news. Shreyas asks which one. Neha says she is taking about Kirti and Vikrant, they love each other. Dadi says yes, but explain Kirti well, if she wants to start a new relation then she should be ready. Madhuri says don’t worry, they look made for each other. She prays for them.

Kirti comes to the police station. She meets Dev. Dev ignores her. She snatches his file. She says I m talking to you, you got after Puru and me, how much will you torture me, stop all this, Puru is a kid, I won’t let you do this. He asks her to leave. She says first tell me that you won’t trouble me. He says I wanted you to stay in front of my eyes, so I called you at the police station, I regret I can’t do that, Bittu got arrested. She asks what, where did you get him. Vikrant comes. Dev welcomes him and says I will make you meet Bittu, come with me. They meet Bittu. Dev introduces Kirti and Vikrant to Bittu.

Bittu looks at Vikrant. Dev observes this. He says we will start interrogation now, don’t get scared. He shows Ritu’s pic and says we will start with her murder case. He says tell me, when and why did you kill her. Bittu says I suffocated her to show the murder as suicide. Dev says I will believe you, is this right, okay, tell me, how did Ritu’s head get an injury. Bittu says she was hitting me and I had hit her, maybe that time. Garud says but Ritu got hurt by falling on the bed, according to the forensics report. Jadhav asks him not to use his mind. Dev says forensics got this from Ritu’s nail. Vikrant worries. Dev says see this and tell me, what is this. Bittu says it looks like some cloth thread. Dev says yes, it would be the red colour shirt which you had worn that day. Bittu says yes. Dev says think well. Dev says you are a fool, if the shirt was red colour, then the thread would have been red, but it’s a white shirt thread. Bittu says yes, maybe I had worn white shirt that day, who remembers the colour. Dev says oh okay, I feel you don’t remember anyone, did you murder Ritu or not, I feel you are taking someone else’s blame on yourself, just I can save you from jail, it will be good if you confess soon. Bittu sees Vikrant and says I have done all the murders, why would I lie. Kirti thinks I m sure he has some partner, but why is Bittu trying to save him. Dev asks Garud to get a rope. Dev ties a rope noose and scares Bittu. Bittu cries in fear. Dev says why to wait, I will hang you right away. Vikrant worries. Dev says you have less time, tell me soon, else I will hang you, who is your partner, on whose saying did you do all this. He sees Bittu’s hands shaking. He asks who is your partner, who killed Ritu, what was your motive behind killing her, what was your connection with her, I know who had a talk with Ritu. He sees Kirti.

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Kirti thinks Bittu had no motive to kill Ritu, why did he kill her. She says I want to ask Bittu why he killed Anju. Dev says police will find this answer, don’t use your beautiful mind. He says Garud, Bittu will admit the truth in a few days, nobody should meet him. He sees Vikrant. He says go and tell the media, interrogation has started and Bittu will give confession in a few days, I have risked my life and caught Bittu. He smiles. Vikrant also smiles. Dev leaves. Vikrant asks Kirti to come.

Kirti comes home and meets Madhuri. Madhuri gives her bangles. Kirti asks why. Madhuri says you are going to start a new life, so I got this gift for you. Kirti says no, its costly, I can’t take this from you, please keep it. Madhuri says Dadi gave this to me in my marriage as a blessing, and see my marriage is going well, we have a lovely family, so never refuse to elders’ blessings, I just want you to stay happy always. Kirti says I don’t need the bangles. Madhuri says my blessings are with you, life gave you a second chance with such a good person.

Vikrant comes to the police station. He says I wanted to meet Bittu once. He meets Bittu. Dev comes to the police station. He runs to see Bittu. He enters the room.