Pandya Store 27th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Hetal argues with her brother


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The Episode starts with Hetal asking Natasha not to do anything. She prays for her mum. Natasha says you have to take action. Hetal says I can’t explain this to you. She cries a lot. Natasha pacifies her and asks her not to worry. Hetal says I have some work. She goes. Natasha says I have to make you meet your brother and mum. The girl hears some girls talking about going to Makhwana house for Dandiya. She asks them to go, she has some work, she will join late. She thinks Makhwanas will not forgive this day. Natasha and Dhawal get ready. She sees him. Kesariya…plays… He turns and sees her. She gets hurt. He cares for her. He jokes. She says you don’t look so good. He sees her wearing another dress instead his gifted dress.

He thinks you don’t value my efforts, why do I try. Natasha says this one is better, I will wear this. She moves and the dress gets torn. He laughs and jokes. She looks for other dresses. Everyone comes to call her. They give her tips. Natasha thinks to wear the dress Dhawal gifted her. Amba and her sons make an entry. The man praises her. She says my four sons are the kings, and I m not Rajmata, I m proud to be their mum. The man says fine, come and keep Chandan chadava for puja. The girl looks on. Dhawal hugs his friend. The man asks where are your bahus. The bahus come. Natasha asks Golu not to cry for his toy, she will get a new one. Dhawal smiles seeing Natasha wearing his gifted dress.

He thinks Natasha looks stunning, my efforts are genuine, she should believe it. Natasha goes. The girl says new entry in the family and no one told me. Natasha and Dhawal argue. He says Hetal got this dress for you. He goes with his friend. Hetal says Dhawal got this for you and took my name. Dolly says Chirag says I love you a lot of times every day, but didn’t make such a cute gesture. Pranali says you guys are lucky, Bhaven never got anything for me. She asks Dolly not to do anything. She says no dance for ladies, sit here and watch the men dancing. Dolly says no, I will take Amrish and Amba’s permission. Golu asks Hetal to buy a car for him. She says after some time, Amba is waiting. The girl cries and says you all will cry. Dhawal and everyone dance. Dolly says Chirag looks cute. The men dance. Chirag sees Dolly. She smiles and says I m feeling good, Amba permitted me to come, I wish she permitted me to dance also. Pranali says forget that, it won’t happen, enjoy their dance. Golu says I want balloon. Hetal says no, your dad is calling, wait for some time. Natasha says I will get it for him. Hetal’s brother holds her hand and takes her aside. She asks him to go. Natasha looks for Hetal. She sees Hetal and her brother talking. She goes and hears them. Hetal argues with her brother. She says my Sasural has all the right, you all have no right, where were you and your anger when dad sold his land to Amrish’s enemy Mr. Agarwal, I can’t meet you all, its because of dad’s mistakes, Amrish said he will buy the land at market rate, why did dad do this, he didn’t respect his son in law. Her brother says dad did the deal with Agarwal before, how could he break the promise and give the land to Amrish, why isn’t this sorrow ending, you have kept the annoyance till now. She asks shall I leave my happy family and come home to bear the society taunts, no, I will do what Amrish tells me, he asked me not to keep relations with you all, I won’t keep it, I won’t meet you. Natasha is shocked.

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Her brother says you decided to end the relation. Hetal says I have no other option, I will choose my Sasural over my Maayka. Natasha thinks this house doesn’t have equality and freedom.

Hetal looks for Golu and asks Natasha about him. Natasha asks her to dance.