Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th October 2023 Written Episode Update: The Cave Gang Gets Caught


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The new owner if the Tiwari’s house is talking in about how he has already set up the trap, but she doesn’t get confined in it. Angoori brings tea for him. He hangs up the call starts flirting with Angoori. Angoori gets uncomfortable. Urmila comes back and gets off the rickshaw. He gets up and grabs Angoori’s hand, he harasses her. Angoori gets scared and the cup in his hand slips out, and shatters. Urmila shows up and starts yelling at Angoori, because she broke the cup. Urmila’s husband blames Angoori too. Vibhu also comes outside his house and defends Angoori. Urmila yells at him too. Vibhu calls her toxic and leaves. Angoori gets crying.

Vibhu goes to Tiwari’s house. Urmila asks him that why is he here? Vibhu tells her that he wanted to make a request. Urmila asks, what? Vibhu requests her to treat Angoori with kindness because she’s very respected in this colony? Urmila asks Vibhu is he’s Angoori’s boyfriend? Vibhu gets shy. Urmila asks Vibhu if he loves her very much? Vibhu gets even more shy. Urmila asks Vibhu if he can do anything for her? Vibhu says, yes. Urmila sits beside Vibhu and asks if he can murder her husband? Vibhu gets terrified and leaves the house.

Happu is eating snacks and using his phone. Happu starts laughing. Anu stares at Happu. Happu asks the victim sitting about himself to write the report. Happu makes fun of his name. Anu yells at Happu and tells him and he’s not determined towards his duty. Happu says that he makes good relations with criminals. Anu says that she doesn’t want to work here anymore and leaves the police station. Happu blames the person who is there to write his report and asks now who will write the report on laptop? The victim takes the laptop and starts writing his own report.

Urmila’s husband comes downstairs and spots Angoori cleaning the house. He goes up to her and says that she’s very delicate, and watch out for her waist it may break. Angoori ignores him. He tells her that his wife is going for shopping and he all alone today. So he calls Angoori to his room because he gets scared when left alone. He grabs Angoori’s hand. Angoori slaps him and warns him that she will snatch out his eyes if he again tries to harass her. Urmila also shows up and they starts arguing. Angoori starts beating both of them with a broom. Angoori throws them both out of the hall. Angoori says that she’s leaving this degenerate job and she will throw them out of this house as well.

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Tiwari is drunk and blabbering about the world with the same drunkard he met as a secretory of the liquor shop. Tiwari says that the world is trigonal, and the secretary denies and says that it’s square. Anu shows up and sees the condition of Tiwari. Tiwari asks Anu to explain the secretary that the world is trigonal. Anu yells at Tiwari and tells him that Angoori’s condition is not good, she’s worried about him and he’s arguing with a drunkard. Tiwari says that he didn’t recognise her. Anu says that nothing can happen now, and leaves.

Everyone has gathered again. Angoori tells Anu that she left the job. Anu says that she also left the job because she thought that Angoori can help them. David starts coughing and Tiwari starts snoring loudly. Vibhu tells them to be quiet. Angoori and Anu explains why did they leave their jobs. Anu gets a call from Suryakant the owner if their house. Anu starts crying after the call. Vibhu asks, what happened? Anu says that the owner of their house ordered them to empty the house within an hour.

Everyone leaves the house and everyone blames Vibhu. Angoori defends Vibhu and says everyone left their stuff inside the cave on their own. Vibhu says that everyone is greedy. Saxena shows up and says that being greedy is one of the worst thing a person can do. Saxena tells them that he was the one who sent them food last night by a delivery guy. David and Ammaji asks for more stuff but Saxena leaves. Manohar shows up and tells them that the gang behind the cave got caught, and all the money they stole is also retrieved. Everyone gets joyful. Manohar requests them to collect their money from the police station. Everyone gets ecstatic.

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