Pandya Store 23rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Dolly gets rebuked


Pandya Store 23rd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with the ladies saying she has come here during her periods. Amba hears this and worries. Pandit asks Amrish to give the fruits to present in the puja. Amrish asks Dolly to give the fruits. Dolly takes an apple. Chirag shouts Dolly, stop, don’t touch anything, you are on your periods. Amrish and everyone get shocked. Dolly drops the apple. Amba asks what, you are on periods. Dolly says yes. Amba scolds her. She says you are hi fi, but you are born in this city, didn’t your family didn’t you values, girls don’t go to a pure place during such days. Dhawal thinks I hope Natasha doesn’t get involved in this matter. Chirag says sorry. The pandits get up.

The lady says the girl made everything impure. Pandit says you all are acting like you don’t know anything. He scolds Amrish. He says havan can’t happen now. He puts the water in the havan kund. Suman says I will go in puja and come. Chiku stops her and says you shouldn’t go there uninvited. She asks him to call her Daama. She says maybe they thought I m not okay, so they didn’t invite me. He says listen to me. She leaves.

The girl shows the comments on Dolly’s live video. Natasha says you are Neelam right, you have told about the bad comments, you didn’t tell about the good comments. Pandit argues. Amrish apologizes. Natasha asks him to listen. Amrish says we will get a new mahurat and keep the puja. The man says but ask your family women if they can do the puja or not, no one has such forward thinking. The pandit says this isn’t done. Amba asks what should we do. The pandit asks Amrish to take rounds and apologize on your family’s behalf.

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Amrish performs the rituals. He apologizes. Amba and Hetal cry. The man says enough of the drama, we didn’t expect this from Amrish. The ladies taunt Amrish’s values and leave. Dolly’s dad apologizes ad leaves.

Dolly cries. Chirag says you don’t listen to me. Natasha says its okay, Dolly. Amba scolds Dolly and takes her home. Suman is on the way. Kanta comes and says your Samdhis got much insulted, one of their bahus was on their periods, pandits got to know this, the family got insulted.

Dhawal and Natasha are on the way. He says I didn’t like the drama. She says those people are orthodox, our aim should be to bring a change, we have to understand this, including Amrish, if he didn’t apologize, then Dolly would have not proved wrong. Amba scolds Dolly. Hetal says Pranali, we will go and make food. They go. Amba scolds Chirag. Dhawal says I didn’t like it too. He stops the car. Natasha says focus on your driving, we shouldn’t meet with an accident. He says I m attentive, you can’t see Suman’s insult, I can’t see Amrish’s insult, Dolly shouldn’t have come there. She says she was away from the puja, she just wanted to show puja to her fans. They come home. Suman calls Natasha. Dhawal says don’t argue on this. Amrish scolds Dolly. Dolly says sorry, I told Chirag that I won’t come, Natasha convinced me that there won’t be any problem in watching the puja from far, I agreed to her. Amrish gets angry. Dolly says sorry, the fault is of Natasha, I didn’t want to come, she got me there. Amrish goes to Natasha. Dhawal comes in front. Amrish looks at him.

Amba scolds Dolly and punishes her. She shouts on Natasha.