Meet 23rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Shagun and Raunak sabotage Sumeet’s event.


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Priyanka excitedly showed Sumeet the Community Wedding Function board she had made. Sumeet complimented her on it. Shagun came to check on the Chowdhury family and their condition. Meanwhile, Shlok contemplated whether he should call Sakshi since she’s the owner of a major music company. He calls her but hangs up. Sumeet walks to Shlok and asks what are you thinking but Shlok walks away.

Akki spotted Shagun outside their house and remembered Sumeet’s request to inform them if he saw Shagun coming. He threw his marbles near Shagun’s feet, causing her to stumble and preventing her from entering. Sumeet noticed Shagun outside and quickly hid all the wedding event decorations they were working on.

Sumeet and Poonam decided to act to confuse Shagun. They pretended to have no money and mentioned not getting any work. Sumeet even expressed concern that Shlok might have to sing on trains and in the streets. Anju cried and asked Dadi to retrieve their ancestral treasure. Shagun was delighted to see their apparent difficulties. She assumed they were already suffering and didn’t need any additional troubles.

Sumeet thanked God when Shagun left. They hoped to make the community wedding a splendid event. Meanwhile, Pankhuri took her father to the priest to match the fake horoscope of Priyanka with Raj’s. They claimed that their marriage couldn’t happen due to incompatibility. Pankhuri insisted that they loved each other deeply. The priest predicted that if they married, they would quarrel and separate in a few days.

Shagun and Raunak met with Sakshi and warned her that if Sumeet suspected them even a little, she would uncover their connection. Sumeet extended the first invitation to Goddess Durga and sought her blessings for the community wedding and all the brides getting married.

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All the brides arrived, and Shlok teased Sumeet about remarrying. The collector thanked Sumeet for making the community wedding so lively. He mentioned that the chief guest would arrive soon, and the marriages could begin. The Chowdhury family went to see who the chief guest was. To their shock, Shagun appeared as the chief guest. The collector asked Sumeet to garland Shagun and welcome her. Shagun asked Sumeet if she was surprised.

As the event progressed, Shagun teased Sumeet about her inability to trick her. She claimed to have done everything she needed to do. Sumeet wondered what Shagun was up to. The collector inquired about the priest, as it was the auspicious time for the marriages, and asked Anju to check on his whereabouts. Anju explained that she had called but couldn’t reach him. It was revealed that Raunak had kidnapped the priest, and Shagun praised him for the idea. They believed that Shlok’s family would now face humiliation.

Poonam and Raj tried to call various priests, but none of them responded. Shagun provoked the collector, urging her to expedite the marriage as she needed to leave. She even threatened to ban Sumeet’s work. However, Sumeet confidently asserted that the marriages would proceed as promised.

Precap: Sumeet introduces Shlok Infront of everyone for his singing gig.
Shagun attaches magnet to a speaker to jeopardies his gig. Shlok start singing but his voice gets disturbed due to magnet and everyone asks him to stop singing. Shagun do bad mouthing about Shlok to collector. Collector asks Sumeet to stop his husband’s gig as everyone is getting disturbed and it’s not for her husband’s promotion.