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Didun tells Neerja that no one is able to save her from her if she lies to her. She asks her to walk on the burning charcoal. She is about to step on it. Abhir stops her. Didun asks her what she had done to him? He asks Neerja what she was doing in the pandal. Why is she coming back to his life? He says to her that he won’t allow her to ruin his life. Trisha is his. What is she thinking? If she spent 3 hours with Trisha, then she could separate her from him. She can enter into his life. He smartly makes a way for her to come out of the burning charcoal without anyone’s knowledge. He says she is a liar. He never saw anyone like her in his life. He holds her hand and takes her out of the burning charcoal. He says that Trisha is going to marry him. No one was able to separate her from him. He asks Didun. Didn’t she say to him that Neerja belongs to someone else? Then why is she often coming into his life? He asks her to stay away from his family and Trisha. He warns her and leaves. Chakri says that now it’s proven that Neerja was in Pandal. She asks her not to punish her. Didun asks her to take her inside. Neerja worried about Abhir.

Meanwhile, Abhir notices that his feet are burned a little. Chakri says to Neerja that she thought he loved her. But he hates her. How could he scold her like that? Neerja says that he showed his fake anger at her. They only saw the way he scolded her. She noticed how he saved her from this mess. She thanked him in her heart. Abhir notices the Vermillion in his hand. He recalls the way Neerja talked with Shefali. She alerted her that Didun will punish her after she returned to Baadi. Neerja looks at him from the window. Both shared an eye lock with each other. Both received a phone call at the right time. He notices that Neerja has left. Abhir leaves from there in his car. Neerja attends Shefali’s phone call. Later, Neerja meets Protima in the jail. Protima says that she is feeling proud of herself today. She praised her for saving the girls from Didun. She worried about her safety too. She says that she did a good thing by saving those girls from Didun.

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Protima talks about love and relationships. Neerja feels emotional hearing it. She narrates to her what happened in Baadi. She says that she doesn’t understand what’s between them. She knew it was love. But whenever they try to talk about it, then they will end up misunderstanding each other. Trust is important in a relationship. He hates her. Protima says that Durga Maa will remove the hate from their relationship. She says that she shouldn’t have given up on her love. She shouldn’t have left his hand. He held her hand today. Meanwhile, Abhir is driving. He thinks that she did a good thing by saving the girls. He saved her in return. Apart from this, nothing has changed between us. He hates her. He returns home. Flower petals fell on him. He is surprised to see the decorations. Tisha asks him to marry her. Neerja is walking on the road.

Neerja recalls his words. She thinks that she feels like Abhir isn’t hating her for real. He is showing his fake anger at her. Meanwhile, Moushmi says that she proposed to him. Trisha notices the Vermillion in his hand and asks him about it. He recalls the way he held Neerja’s hand. Moushmi manages to lie with her. She says that Abhir also wants to marry Trisha. He struggled a lot without her. She advises him to see her love for him and move on in his life. It’s his mom’s happiness too. His family happiness is important to him. Neerja recalls Abhir’s words. Abhir proposes to Trisha. She accepts his proposal. She hugs him. Meanwhile, Chakri says that she wants to be born a boy in her next birth. Neerja talks to girls. She praises Doree. She is coming to raise a question against the society.

Episode ends.