Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao reaches the jail to meet Puran

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Bhim says they are suffering because no one was ready to listen to their story so he requests the lawyer to grant him permission after which he will find out what had actually happened and if they punish them without listening to their side then who would find out the truth. The lawyer says that Bhim Rao himself wrote in the newspaper and is now asking about the story, Bhim says he has met a lot of lawyers since the morning but they are saying the same thing, the lawyer explains they have to work with the elite caste and it would harm them if they work with a lower class, he stands upto leave saying that if the prisoner comes out then would not be able to eat properly. Bhim Rao says he has stepped out of his house after hurting his wife, father and everyone who are dear to him and so says that his honesty did not let him stand by when something wrong had happened, he knows the lawyer would also not want to do anything wrong so the lawyer agrees to write a letter which Bhim can take to the court, Bhim is glad.

The neighbors ask if they all agree with the decision which they have taken with regard to Bhim so they all agree when Jija Bai asks what about the supporters of Bhim Rao as they also have to accept whatever punishment is given to Bhim Rao and what if they turn back, Ramji coming informs Jijabai that no one is going to back out right now, Rama gets worried and tries to leave. Jijabai asks Rama where is she going when she says she was standing with them as a member of the Chawl but is now going to perform her duty as a wife but she should not be worried as this time she will not turn back.

The official asks Bhim if he has brought the card from his office when Bhim says that he has instead brought the letter from the court, the official starts reading it when Bhim asks what is taking so long as he should meet him when the official asks what would Bhim do after meeting the prisoner as it is just a story with some questions. Bhim explains there are a lot of questions about what would he do while meeting him and what if something wrong happens to him in the jail so he knows there are a lot of questions but he is sure they all would get the answer to it once he meets the prisoner. The official agrees to come with Bhim Rao and they both leave.

Rama enters the office of Sethji handing him the application, he asks if Bhim wrote it since this is not his handwriting when Rama says that she is the one to write it hearing which Sethji is amazed asking if she also knows how to read and write, Rama replies that Bhim Rao taught her to learn as Bhim Rao has gone to meet Puran in the jail. Sethji advises Rama to stop Bhim otherwise he would either suffer or get shot with a bullet.

The official walks with Bhim Rao to the cell of Puran and says that Bhim Rao has come to meet him but Puran angrily says he does not want to meet anyone, Bhim says that he saw Puran on the road when they were forcing him to bow down but he refused and instead got beaten up so he go suspicious that Puran is not guilty but hearing this Puran angrily walks back saying that the meeting is over. Bhim Rao says the court has given them one hour to meet so he will not leave without hearing the truth, the official says that Bhim Rao should know Puran is not interested to talk with him. Bhim Rao says that even then they still have one hour and both he and Puran jee would be relieved that they have someone to share their experience, Bhim Rao starts writing on his note pad while the official sits down.

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Sethji is in his office with the workers while one of them says that it is wrong to teach their wife but the other employee says that it is also helpful as they have to come here and seek the permission for a leave but he sent the application. Landlord enters with his on who informs Sethji that Bhim Rao has met more then twenty five lawyers but they do not know which lawyer has helped them. Sethji exclaims that Bhim Rao is special and they should also find an unusual way to crush him, Landlord says that Bhim Rao is helping the criminal from the lower class whom they have humiliated which is now going to ruin their reputation, the son of Landlord tells the workers that they must do this work since they also belong to the elite class after which Sethji says that they will even promote him hearing which both the employees eagerly leave vowing to harm Bhim Rao when he comes out of the jail after meeting Puran. Landlord tells Sethji that he has chosen the right people for this job as they would surely take care of Bhim when he comes out of the jail after which everything would be ruined for Bhim Rao.

Rama walks back to the Chawl when Jija Bai asks if she has told everything that happened in the Chawl but Rama says she did not meet with Bhim, Jija Bai then asks where did she go but Rama tries to enter inside when the aunt tries to stop Jijabai but Ramji says they should let Jija Bai to speak because when his own son has went against them then how can they stop her. The neighbors say that Rama would have gone to meet her husband, Rama angrily says she went to the office of her husband to say that he is on the leave for one day when she has stood by their decision and is not going to say anything but they should not make it a big scene when her husband is trying to help Puran jee, Rama angrily enters the Chawl.

The official asks Bhim Rao to come as it has already been half and hour and whatever they have known is the truth, Puran while looking the other way is thinking about how his house was burnt, he does not say anything. The official says after today he is going to write an application demanding that no one should meet Puran because it is a risk to the security of the jail, Bhim Rao puts his note book in the bag asking the official to come and even suggests he should indeed write the application so that Bhim Rao never meets Puran.