Neerja 3rd October 2023 Written Episode Update : Neerja agrees to dance in the party for Didun

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Neerja says my strength was Protima and Abeer and today Abeer’s words broke my heart.
Neerja hears Didun get a TV and call everyone to see a picture. Neerja hears Protima’s and goes downstairs and sees Protima on TV begging for water and in a bad condition. Neerja sees Protima is being bullied in the jail by jailmates on Didun’s instructions.
Neerja requests Didun not to be so harsh on Protima. Didun says okay and says first tell me who will oppose me, you right. Neerja says I won’t. Didun again shows Neerja, Protima being bullied and asks Neerja will she dance for her clients today. Neerja says yes I will.
Didun says to Neerja, this Sonagachi is your identity and you will never run away from your fate. Neerja says I won’t.

Bijoy discusses with Pishi Maa on sending Abeer away from Neerja. Abeer walks to Pishi Maa and says he over slept and tells Moushmi he is very hungry.
Abeer’s friends come to invite him for their wedding and invite him for his bachelor’s party tonight and for the wedding next day. Bijoy asks Abeer he should join them and have some fun.

Didun walks to Neerja and says this time I will get you ready for the dance party. Didun says even for Protima’s first assignment I got her ready and she was so popular and I want people to throw all their wealth to you and says I have a new dress for you and gifts it to Neerja.

Abeer gets dressed for the party and misses Neerja. Abeer imagines Neerja. Abeer says to Neerja he wants to stay with her and not go to the party. Abeer says you join me too, I want to talk to you, know you. Abeer realises he was just imagining Neerja.

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Neerja gets dressed and ready for the party. Neerja uncomfortable in the dress. Didun says all this awkwardness won’t work in our business and now go impress everyone on your first show and of you try to cross me I won’t spare your mother.

Shyamli asks Neerja not to agree to Didun, Protima fought all her life to keep her away. Neerja says I have to save my mother and I will do anything for that.

Satark compliments Abeer’s appearance and tells him to enjoy the party. Didun asks Neerja to leave, bringing back memories of Protima’s warning about dancing and her mom’s situation.

Abeer joins his friends at a bachelor party, and they’re happy to see him there, teasing the groom. Abeer thinks about his moments with Neerja, who’s waiting in the dressing room.

Abeer takes the stage and talks about love, with his friends cheering him on. Neerja hears his voice and wonders if he’s Abeer. Abeer gives advice to the groom on a happy life through love. Neerja can’t accept her feelings as she doubts it’s her love he’s talking about.
Abeer keeps imagining Neerja whenever he talks about love, confusing him. His friend jokes that he thought Abeer would fall for his wife after marriage.
Neerja feels like Abeer is around her and says you aren’t physically here but you are always there in my thoughts.

Abeer’s friends want sweets for the wedding, and he excuses himself. Abeer wonders why he keeps seeing Neerja everywhere and says I will meet you tomorrow Neerja and hears someone crying unaware it’s Neerja.

Pre cap: Neerja starts her performance, Abeer sees and over hears she is from Sonagachi.
Abeer drunk gets upset and accuses Neerja of trading her self respect and body for money.